Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Essence Cake pops trend edition hand balm review

I really like the Essence hand balms, I have recenty used up the hand & nail balm and I loved it. Before that I used the 24 hour hand moisture balm, and I loved it. So when I saw these cake pop trend edition balms I knew I wanted to get them. I got the Cherry & coconut and the Cookies & almond. I skipped on the cinnamon & Vanilla as I just did not want my hands to smell like cinnamon.

The first thing I noticed with the cake pop hand balms was that they contain 100 ml of product compared to the 75 ml from their permanent line. However the regular balms only cost €0,95 whereas the trend edition balms cost €1,95 so you pay €1 for an extra 25ml and a pretty design and limited fragrance. I guess that's ok.

size comparison: left: permanent line. Right: trend edition cake pops

Now these scents are not going to be for everyone. The cherry coconut smells quite a lot like synthetic cherry candy, I can't smell the coconut at all. This is probably my leat favorite scent. But the cherry scent does go away quickly and you are left with a sweet scent.

The cookies and almonds really does smell like allmonds, I can't detect the cookies though. The scent on this does also fade into a more subtle sweet scent.

I found the cherry coconut to be more moisturizing than the cookie almond one. Strange... But I did look at the ingredients and the cookies and almonds balm contains 6 more ingredients than the cherry coconut. I'm guessing these ingredients are just fillers and scent and maybe that's why the cherry coconut balm feels more hydrating because it's less dilluted? just a thought.

To be honest, I like the permanent line of hand balms better. They feel better on the skin than these cake pop balms. They are still nice and affordable but you get even more bang for your buck with the permanent line and I feel that these cake pops aren't as hydrating.

So these are still nice, but if you are debating on getting them, then just keep the regular line in mind. Do you want to pay €1 extra for 25 ml and a limited edition scent? then go for it. But I would still recommend paying €1 less and just get the regular line, they also smell nice, less overpowering scent on them, and they hydrate a little better.


  1. I'd like to smell the cookies one, although I have a kiwi & chocolate hand cream from a past edition, I like it. But haven't try the regular line, when I finish mine I'll go for it ^^

    1. It smells like almonds, Very lovely scent. If you like The one you have I am sure you will love the regular line.



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