Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Essence haul/first impression

I just got this in the mail today and I just wanted to get this post out to you. I'm sorry for the Picture quality, my power has been out in my appartment today so I had to make due with natural lighting and it's a grey day outside. Also I have the flu so my fever brain may not be as good as blogging as usual, just saying.

I'm going to start with the products from the Rock out! trend edition.

This seems promising. The colors are really nice. They are not matte and they are not glittery just a lovely satin sheen to them wich I think will be perfect on the cheeks. The purple shade is a bit sheer but on someone as light as me, that is not always a bad thing. So this is not crazy pigmented but I like my blushes like that, otherwise it would be too crazy on me. I can't wait to try this on.

 Just look at those colors. These probably won't Work that well on darker skin tones but for medium to light I think it will be great.

3 first swatches are the individual Shades, 4th swatch is them all mixed together.
 I got one of the vinyl shine glosses in 01 best pop. It looks like a vibrant bubble gum pink but is actually a lot more milky pink on the lips, it's a sheer gloss with a lovely tint of pink. It smells kinda like their regular lip balm, wich I love. But it does have a slight perrfumey taste, wich I'm not that into. But it does not bother me too much. It's really comfortable on the lips and nicely hydrating.

Look at that applicator it's awesome. It really picks up just enough product for my lips, so i don't have to dip into the tube Again and Again, one swipe and it's good. Love that.

 I really wanted to try out this eyeliner in the shade 01 best pop, it looks like such a cool lilac shade it photographs and swatches a Little more cool toned than it is.

I'm not sure how I will like it, it dries Down to a darker lilac than what you see in the tube. And it does not seem particularly opaque or smudge proof. But I will have to try it on my eyes to see what I think.

 I also got the cream shadow in 03 best female. It's very similar in color to the liner but slightly lighter. Again my Picture looks more cool toned than it is in the tube.

pretty accurate swatch. it's just a Little more sparkly in real life. This blew my mind. It's so blendable and a Little goes a long long way. This is budge proof once it's dry but not waterproof. I think I'm going to love this one.

 I have never tried hair chalk before so I thought I would give it a shot. I got the color 02 best female. Again it looks more cool toned in my Photo. But it's a very pale pastelly lilac. I have not tried it on my hair yet, but looking forward to seing how it performs.

The next 2 items are from the cake pop hand balm trend edition. I did not get the one with cinnamon as it just didn't sound like something I want to smell on my hands all day.

 mmmh these smell good. Especially the almond one. Yummy. I already have tried several of their hand balms and I love them, so I knew I would love these. Don't worry about the scent lingering for too long. Most of the scent pretty much dissapears as soon as the product has sunken in to the skin.

I though these looked bigger than the regular ones I use. They contain 25ml more product. And I believe they cost the same as the regular ones. Steal!

 The rest of the products, I haven't really gotten around to looking at yet. I wanted to try out the lip balm and the crystal liner. I already have the brow pen in blonde, and this is supposed to be a softer blone, wich I wanted to take a look at. I also wanted to grab one of the Road trip lipsticks before they were gone and I wanted to see what the new effect glosses were like.

So expect reviews very soon. And feel free to ask me anything about these products.


  1. I see a lot of cool colors. But who doesn't love pink? looking forward to this launch in India.

    1. Yeah they kinda match my blog colors don't they? I'm actually not very good at wearing pink lipstick, but gloss is alright. I have to be careful with some pinks as not all suit my skintone. I find that if they are too milky and pale, they look really odd on me.

  2. Lovely swatches. I love this brand :)


    1. thanks, so do I. I think the quality is mostly really good for the Price.


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