Thursday, October 23, 2014

Essence raspberry sorbet glossy lipbalm review

I picked this balm up when I did my Essence Rock out! haul. These balms are from their regular line but this particular shade/scent is new, it was launched with their fall/Winter Collection. It's called "raspberry sorbet"
Price: 0,95€ or about 7DKK So very very affordable.
Packaging: I have to admit, that it was the packaging that made me get this. I like how the color of the srew off cap matches the actual balm. When it comes to the quality of the packaging I really can't complain. I have used it non stop since I got it, and it's been thrown in my purse a few times and I see no wear or impending packaging malfunction. I like the packaging a lot.
To be honest, I did not really enjoy this at first. I put on way too much because I wanted the color and shine to show up. Please don't make that mistake. This balm will melt a bit on contact with your lips and it does feel a little oily if you apply too much. So I find that applying just enough to make the lips feel hydrated is the way to go.

It definately does feel very balmy, it's not sticky at all and it does moisturize well. However, don't buy this for the color or because it says glossy on the tube. Because then you will be dissapointed. I was at first, but I have actually come to like it for what it is, a liquid balm with a nice subtle raspberry scent.
It does contain shimmer, it looks very visible just looking at the tube, but it does not translate to the lips too much. You will be able to feel a slightly gritty texture on the lips but it wears off before the acutal balm does, so it does not bother me.
It's actually a really nice balm. It's a horrible gloss but a lovely balm.. haha this does not look like much on the lips but it feels really nice. I do feel like this product may be more geared towards teens. I know I would have hoarded these if I knew about them as a teen. But now I use it to make my lips feel good when I don't want to wear colored lip products. So I will let you decide, if this is something you need.

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