Friday, October 17, 2014

Essence Rock out! trend edition review and FOTD

I have been playing around with the new Essence Rock out! trend edition for a few days now. Normally I would take longer before posting a review, but I wanted to tell you Guys what I think, while it's still available on I am sick so excuse the sick and tired experession on my face and in my eyes, it's not about me but the products anyways... hehe...

My eye look. Excuse the tired look, I was soo tired and had a fever. But I love the look. I used UD Vice 3 "truth" and "vanity" eyeshadows on my lid, with the Rock out liner and the Rock out cream shadow under my eye.

Let's start with a negative one. I don't like this hair dye powder. The color is cute, but it's so messy and hard to apply. Once it's Applied you have to set it right away with hair spray and then there is no touching it or combing it, or the color will vanish. It made my hair sooo crunchy and dry and did not apply all that evenly. Now this is the only hair dye powder I have tried, so maybe this type of product is just not for me, or maybe this just is bad. I don't know...Won't recommend.€2,95

I have mixed feelings about this one. It's really long wearing and budge proof, the color is lovely but it does apply patchy to the eyelids when Applied with my fingers. I used it under my eyes for my look. with a small liner brush, it applied nicely. Applied with a flat eyeshadow brush, by patting it on to the lid actually makes it go on much better, more opaque and not patchy at all. So this can be really pretty, when applied the right way. It's a nice product and I recommend it, just don't apply with your fingers. €2,25

This eyeliner is super cool. It's easy to use and the color is amazing. BUT it's not the most long wearing liner. I do feel that it fades a bit throughout the day and it does dry down to a darker color than it is when you initially put it on, but you can avoid some of that by applying 2 coats, that will make it look more like the color in the tube. It's not budgeproof, so don't rub your eyes. This is not the best quality, I do like the liner brush and I do like the packaging and the color. But it does not stay on perfectly all day. I will let you guys decide for yourself if this is something you want or not. I'm glad I got it for the color, but won't be something I wear when I want really long lasting makeup.

I really like this gloss. It's very comfortable on the lips, hydrating and not sticky. I love this color. As you can tell from my Pictures, it does not go on crazy pink. I love the scent, it reminds me of Essence lip balms, but I'm not a fan of the taste, it's kinda perfumey. I also really like the applicator it's just really nice. €1,95

Lat but not least.... the blush. I really like it. I used the purple side for my look, and while it does not show up too well on the Pictures, it does in real life. This is not crazy pigmented, but it's just right for me. I'm pale and I don't always want crazy pigmentation in a blush. This blush gives me 3 lovely options and they all look really pretty. I was able to build the color up to the intensity that I wanted, and I could have built it up further if I wanted to. This blush is not glittery or shimmery, it has a lovely satin sheen. I have not had any problem with blending it. For me, most blushes will stay on my face about equally long, I did not find this to fade any faster than my other blushes, I recommend this, I love it. €3,25

looking sick and tired.
 What drew me to this trend edition was the colors, and that's what I love most about it. The quality is a little hit or miss. The liner could last longer, the cream shadow could apply better but the blush and lip gloss are awesome. I do not regret getting any of these, except for that hair dye powder, that's just  straight up evil.

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