Friday, October 31, 2014

Follow up: ELF studio blushes

I reviewed them back in april 2011 (review here) Back then I had bought 3 of the blushes, Gotta glow, tickled pink and candid coral. I then went on to buy Peachy keen and twinkle pink.

I used them quite a lot. They were some of my first blushes as a blogger, before then I had only owned 1 or 2 at a time.

Back then I was as pale as a sheet of paper and I had very dry skin. These blushes were sheer, very sheer, but it worked for me because I was soo pale. The shimmer in them worked for me as well because of my dry skin.

Now I am not as pale, my hair color now adds warmth to my face and these blushes just don't show up that well anymore. I have also gotten more oily, so I can't get away with as much shimmer as I could back then.
look at that glitter in "twinkle pink" I think I only used this 2 times for Christmas parties

I did use up tickled pink, wich I actually still think would suit me today. And I do still like gotta glow as a highlight. But the rest has got to go. I depotted them a while back and I can honestly say that I have not used these for years. So not only are they unloved, they are too old. I need to get rid of them.

I did enjoy them a lot when I first got them, but the colors I have no longer suit me because of their sheerness and their shimmer. I'm not completely done with Elf Studio blushes. But I would not repurchase any of these colors again.

I am tossing these, I can't say when I will try another studio blush. But it's not a closed chapter just yet.

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