Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Follow up: Gosh X-ceptional wear foundation

I first reviewed this product, back i May 2011 (here). Back then I really really liked it. I used up the whole thing in about a year, and then just never looked back. Although I did think of it occasionally, but never got around to repurchasing it.

I never seem to be able to stick with just one Foundation, so just the fact that I used it up before I forgot all about is saying something.

Back in 2011 it was £7,99 and in the UK it still is. In Denmark however, it is now DKK 109,95 instead of DKK 99,95 wich is an increase in price similar to about £1. wich is not that bad.

The amount of product you get is still 35ml or 1,2 fl.oz.

This is how the packaging looked back in 2011
This year I was so lucky to win a big Gosh contest and got to pick products for about £300 And I instantly knew I had to try the X-ceptional Wear Foundation again.

The newest packaging,love the look of the new packaging.
I am soo glad I decided to pick it up again. It is every bit as amazing as I remembered. I love how it blends and that it almost dries down to a satin finish. I do have to be careful with dry areas, but prepping the skin and giving it a regular peel works for me ( I have just been lazy with skincare for a while)

So for a few years this did not get repurchased, even thoug I thought I would, at the time I wrote the old review. Now that I have it again I am just as happy about it, as I was back then. And I am not going to let it go again.

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