Friday, October 3, 2014

Gosh BB collection, first impression

I have had these products for a while now. They were some of the items I chose back when I won a big Gosh contest. But I have never really gotten around to using them, And I have not even tried wearing all these products together, well until yesterday that is.  So this will not be an in-depth review, those will come at a later time.

The BB powder actually seems quite nice. It's one of those finely milled powders that dissapears into the skin and does not leave you with a powdery dry look. And it's actually a nice velvety puff. It's going to be great for touch ups I think. I think this powder might be a little too dark for me.

I am not completely sure what to think of this yet. The middle concealer is too dark for me, The first concealer is the right shade. These are creamy, but the texture is a little powdery as well. I have tried this 2 times now, and it's not very pigmented but it does hide skin discolorations and it does brighten up my under eyes. But it's sheer and I hae to be carefull not to overdo it, as it will accentuate my dry areas. Not sure if I will get much use out of a highlighter. We will see.

The BB cream is a very nice shade match. It's a sheer coverage but I find that I can build it, especially if I use a flat top powder brush. It's nice, it even out my skin but still manages to look like skin. No dry patches or enhanced wrinkles. This is Dewey, but sets nicely with the BB powder.

For now I have to try everything out a bit more. But I like the BB cream and the powder together. It really does perfect my skin, without looking like I am wearing a tonne of makeup on my face. But it does not cover freckles and such, but I don't need that covered up.

I will get back to you with seperate review of each product later.

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