Monday, October 27, 2014

Gosh BB cream review

Today I want to talk about the Gosh BB cream. I won this in a contest earlier this year and it has been one of my go to Foundations since then. I have probably already used up half of it.

Price: DKK 119,95, £9,99 you can get it in Superdrug and in Denmark it's available in Matas. I'm sure you can get it other Places but I can't name them all.

Packaging: Sleek Black tube. I really like the look and feel of this packaging. I find it smaller than most Foundation tubes but it still contains 30 ml or 1.0 fl.oz. I have not had any of the lettering peel or rub off. It still looks as good as new. Like.

Shade: 01 Sand. The lightest shade they offer. I am about NC15 = on the pale side of things. And it suits me really nicely. Now I did get a bit of color this summer, but not enough for this to become too pale. It comes in 5 Shades. I would have liked to see a darker shade though.

Gosh says that this is a Foundation, primer and moisturizer all in one. They don't make any crazy claims as some BB creams do. They do say that it contains Phytosan™ wich is supposed to diminnish the look of fine lines. It also has an SPF of 15. I do see it working as a Foundation and a moisturizer in one. The primer part I'm not sure of, just because I never really use face primers. I can say that this did not accentuate any fine lines and gave me an overall smoother appearance.

This BB cream is a light to medium coverage. Applied with my fingers, it evens out my skintone nicely, but leaves my freckles visible. Very lovely natural look. When I want more coverage I just use it with a dense flat top powder brush and it covers better, yet still gives me a nice natural look. You can build up the coverage without getting cakey.


I would say that this is great if you have dry skin. It does really add some moisture to the skin and gives a nice Dewey finish. I myself have oily skin. I can still use this.. no problem. I just set it with a mattifying powder and blot if nessecary.  So I would recommend this for dry skin and combination skin. If you get super oily then this may not be for you.

Even though I do get oily throughout the day, I don't think it looks like a greasy mess. The BB cream does not melt off, it stays put nicely I just look more shiny than when I apllied it. I like the way it Wears on my skin. Even though I may have rubbed at my face, and some of the BB cream has rubbed off, it's not noticable. It did not become cakey or patchy and the application still looked even after a Whole day. Now this is not budge proof and it will transfer if you are oily, but your face will still look great.

I highly recommend this BB cream. Especially now that we are moving in to the colder months. You should still use spf in the Winter. It hydrates dry skin and it evens out my redness, wich always get's worse in Cold weather.

I could have a long rant about the BB cream name, as I think of Asian BB creams and not the tinted moisturizers we call BB cream now because it Sells better. But I won't... Let's just say that I think they could have called this a hydrating Foundation or something, and leave it at that.

Gosh also has a BB skin perfecting concealer kit and a hydrating BB powder in their BB range.


  1. I actually really like the BB cream and use a shade lighter to 'brighten' my skin and then I apply my powder or foundation as normal to even out the tone and it looks great and lasts all day - sometimes a more dewy glow but not oily like you said!

    I love it :)

    Layla xx

    1. Great application idea. I am wearing it again today and I keep checking myself out in the mirror, makes my skin look so good.


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