Thursday, October 16, 2014

Love it or leave it, Elf clutch palette - the verdict

I have been using this the past week, to determine if it was time to get rid of it. Unfortunately I have been sick so I have not worn makeup every single day.

 Let's talk a Little bit about what I dont like in this palette. I never use the blues, greens and greys. And I do find that some of the Shades are really similar, particularly the pink ones. The Bronzer is wrong for my skintone, the highlighter is sticky/tacky and the brow products are way too dark for me.

What do I love about it then? I actually really like the blushesm they are just right for someone as pale as me. Lovely blushes without glitter or sparkle. And I actually love some of the eyeshadow quite a lot. I find that most pearly or metallic Shades are super metallic and shiny - something that I do appreciate quite a lot. But these are more of a satin or matte finish, wich is also really nice. There are 3-4 Shades in here that I like to use as all over lid Shades and they ar sooo easy to use for that.

I honeslty did not expect that by the end of this week, I actually wanted to keep this palette. But I do... I just really like it. Yeah it may be kinda cheap, and it may not be the most pigmented and best quality out there. But it's so easy to use and I just really like some of the shadows for super busy mornings.

So I'm keeping this palette, it's not like it's my holy grail or favorite palette. But I enjoy using it, and sometimes with expensive palettes I'm afraid to use it to bits, especially with limited editions. But this one.. I don't care, it's cheap but good, if it breaks it's not the biggest loss and if I make a mess it's allright. So something about this just makes me like it for everyday Wear.

I will be doing more posts like this but I have so much new stuff I want to focus on right now. So this may not be a weekly deal.

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