Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My blush collection

I thought it would be fun to show you my blush Collection. Again, this is not to brag. But I like when other bloggers and vloggers do these type of posts. Also it's a great way for me to get an overlook of what I have, what I need to use more or get rid of. It also shows me what I should probably stop buying.
When it comes to blushes, I have way too many. And way too many that are too similar. I apperently had a thing for peachy/pink bluses with golden shimmer. And therefore I now have at least 9 different variations of peachy pink with golden shimmer. That's a Little over the top, even for me.
And I have 8 coral/orange blushes. I had an orange blush fase last summer so that's how those came about. I don't need 8 orange/coral blushes. Yikes. I seriously have a problem.

About half of all of my blushes do not get any love. I need to change that a bit. So I'm going to pick 3 blushes that I need to use more, and maybe feature in a love it or leave it type post. I do have to say that all of the blushes has been used at one point. But I do have a few that probably only got used for about a week before I forgot about them.  

One of my main reasons for not showing a lot of my blushes the love they deserve is simple. I store them in my traincase so for me it's out of sight, out of mind. And I do tend to use the blushes I have in my palettes more than my single blushes.
What I have learned is, that there is not really a lot of variation in the colors that I use. I can't possibly justify getting any more blushes before I have thinned out my Collection a bit. And I need to stop buying variations of the same shade, yeah one may look paler in the pan or one may look more pink in the pan, but honestly once they go on my cheeks I don't really see a Whole lot of difference. So no more Nars Orgasm dupes for me... I promise.

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