Monday, October 6, 2014

My hair journey

Back in 2011 I'd had Black hair for a couple of years, I had a bit of a gothy pinup period in those years, and I actually still kinda miss that time and that look I had going. But my goal was to get back to my natural hair color. I was tired of coloring my hair all the time. I am blonde and the roots just show like crazy when I have darker colored hair. 


Spring 2011
August 2011
 In august I decided to get rid of the Black hair, but my hair dresser turned my hair green, instead of Brown. So I had to go red.

november 2011
 I got regular cuts to get rid of the darker ends. And also to get rid of the damage.

Feburary 2012
 I stopped straightening my hair as often, to give it some rest.
November 2012

March 2013
 And finally in march 2013 I took the plunge and bought some hair color removal to get rid  of as much dye as possible. I also decided to get bangs Again. At this time I had just been dumped by my boyfriend and needed a change (something I always do, if something major happens in my life, I go to the hair dresser lol, how do you think I got the black hair to begin with hehe)
June 2013
 I got some blonde streaks in my hair to get rid og some redness. At this time I was dealing with depression, wich led me to not give a hoot about my appearance and I just started to leave my hair alone. Looking back on these next Photos I can see that I was not happy, my smile is weak or forced and the makeup just thrown on in a hurry. And I was constantly tired.
May 2013

Spring 2014
At this point my hair was getting long, fast. I have not colored my hair for almost a year and it needed a hair cut.

Summer 2014
This is my hair at the moment. It's gotten really long. It needs a little trim, but my natural color is back and I am not planning on coloring it again, even though I still am tempted every now and then. It just takes so darn long to get back to my natural hair color. Look at that smile (me on the left) that is a real smile, I am off the meds and I am feeling better than I have in a long time. I do still get moody but that's just how my brain functions hehe.
So what hair style did you like the best?


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