Saturday, October 11, 2014

My lip gloss collection

Sooo. I'm a bit of a lip junkie. Not long ago, I showed you my lip balm Collection. And today I wanted to show you my lip gloss Collection. These posts are not made to be me bragging about all the stuff I got. It's meant for me to get a better look at what I have, what I should throw out/give away and what I need to use more. This post made me realize that I should probably stop buying glosses that look sooo similar all the time.

Most used glosses at the moment
Above, you can see the glosses I have been using the most frequent lately. There is a nice bitt of variation in them, both texture and color wise. If I lost my entire gloss Collection, these would be the ones I would miss.

Glosses I really like, but need to use more.
The glosses above, are all glosses that I really like, but for some reason just haven't been reaching for in a while. These are glosses that I need to make a point of trying to use more. Some of these are quite similar. I have a thing for sheer pale pinks with golden sheen to them. But I don't need this many.

Glosses I'm just not that into anymore
Above are some glosses that I just don't really care for anymore. I have liked all these at one point. But I don't really like them anymore. They are not horrible in any way, but I need to make a point to use them or Loose them.

Never used or used once or twice
Now this one is embarrasing. 2-3 of these have never even been used and the rest have been used between 1 and 4 times max. That's just not allright. I need to try and use some or them, get rid of some and maybe give away the glosses I never even used to someone WHO may appreciate them more than me.

This may sound strange, but I actually thought I had more glosses. Not that I don't have way too many already, but I thought it would be worse. What I learned from doing this little post, is that I should not keep buying the same kind of colors from every single brand. I need to mix it up a bit. I really don't need to have 5 pinks with golden shimmer or 10 sheer glosses that looks exactly the same on the lips. Now I'm going to clean up this collection a bit, and keep in mind from now on that I don't need to purchase colors I already have.

Do you tend to gravitate to similar colors when buying makeup? let me know.


  1. I can really identify with this. I also have a fair amount of lip gloss and most of it isn't used very often. It looks like you have lots to enjoy though and at least there's a gloss for every occasion :)

    The Miss Beauty Saver Blog

    1. I just always gravitate to lip products when shopping for makeup, wich is sometimes a little stupid of me considering I'm not much of a gloss person anymore. Definately need to try and use them some more.


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