Saturday, October 18, 2014

My powder collection.

I thought I woud continue my Collection posts with my powder Collection. These posts are not made to be me bragging about all the stuff I got. It's meant for me to get a better look at what I have, what I should throw out/give away and what I need to use more. And of course... For your amusement.
Powder has never been something I was drawn to, not the way that palettes or lip products are. But still I feel that I have more than enough. I use powder sparingly and I almost never use up a powder. With the exception of a few from previous project pans etc.

Powders for dry skin
These 2 powders are really good for when my skin is dry. They are very forgiving when it commes to dry patches and fine lines, something that I find rare in regular face powders. So these are great for Winter. I do like the Gosh one best, as it suits my skin tone best. The Maybelline dream powder can look a little dark on me.
Matte finish powders

 These powders are for my oily skin days, or days where I want a matte finish. I prefer the Essence powder as it is completely translucent and even though it is totally matte it does not accentuate any dry patches that I may have. The Elf mattifying powder is allright, I just never reach for it.

Extra coverage powders
Now I know that the elf mineral powder is a Foundation but I like to use it on top of Foundation as a powder to add extra coverage. The Holika Holika powder also gives nice coverage but I think I prefer the Elf one just a tiny bit more, almost a tie between these.

setting powders
Now these are just plane old setting powders. not much to say about them. They do set Foundation nicely but that's pretty much that. That's why none of these are to find amongst my favorite powders. Although I really do enjoy the Sephora scultping disc as a face palette. I love the bronzer, and it's great for travel.

illuminating powder
I have never been into illuminating face powders... Before I tried this one from Physicians formula. It's the only illuminating face powder I have at the moment and I adore it. I have tried others in the past but found them to be more of a highlighter type product, rather than a powder you can apply all over the face that just gives you a healty look. I hit major pan, that's rare for me to do.

So here are my favorite powders: Gosh for when I have dry skin. Essence all about matte for when my skin is oily. Physicians formula when I want radiant skin. And Elf mineral Foundation for when I need extra coverage. I'm pretty set for every possible skin need here. And I am very pleased with these powders.

 That wasn't too bad now was it? I think I have 2 powders that I am indifferent about, the Elf mattifying powder and the stay put Loose powder from Look beauty. I should try and use these up so they don't take up Space in my collection.
I actually also have the Gosh prime and set powder primer, but I have yet to use it so I did not want to include it as it's not even opened yet.


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