Sunday, October 19, 2014

Project pan update.

I have been such a good girl lately (apart from buying too much makeup lol) I have actually managed to use up some more products from my old project pan nightmare. So here is what has happened since the last update.
Yves Rocher, Complete anti aging care, Eye cream: I used this one up, finally! It has been the only eye cream I have used and still it took me ages. Wich is good considering that it's kinda expensive. I think it's $43 when not on sale. So keep an eye out for discounts. Is it worth that Price tag? I'm not sure. It was ok but nothing too special. I will feature it in an empties post soon.
Loreal primer: Now I have not exactly used this up. But it has gotten old and funky so I won't put it on my face anymore, it's past it's best before date. I will not be repurchasing this, as it just made me more oily. Wich is not what I want from a primer.
Yves Rocher after sun face cream: I used this as a moisture treatment when my skin was feeling a little dry or patchy and it Works really well for that. This will also be featured in an empties post soon. I would repurchase it next summer.
NYC extreme lip glider: I did not use this up. It started smelling strange and the texture has changed. So I am not going to put something old and nasty on my lips. I did get almost half way through the gloss though. I would not repurchase, I have way too many glosses.
Hard candy highlighter: This "exploded" on me. I had not used it in a while and when I tried to open it, all the product came shooting out of it. So there must have been some sort of bacteria or air build up in it. Needless to say, it's not going anywhere near my face. Would not repurchase I have otherr highlighters I like better.
Sooo that leaves me with only a few full size product left, and a Whole bunch of samples to get through. I'm doing great.... I think.


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