Friday, October 10, 2014

Tiny Makeup Revolution haul

I just got these in the mail today. I was helping one of my girlfriends buy some new makeup. She is getting back into wearing makeup after not really wearing much of it for years. So I wanted to help her update her makeup "wardrobe".

We got her one of the blush palettes, the iconic 2 palette and the 32 shade palette in flawless. And ofcourse we got her an eye primer as well. We are still waiting for some of the eco-tools brushes that I ordered for her. Would you like me to do a makeup starter kit post?

I really wanted to buy a lot of Things for myself but I am broke, so I got 3 lipsticks and 2 palettes. ( I gave one of the lipsticks to my girl, as it looked sooo good on her)

essential mattes

Iconic 3

enchant and crime
I have only swatched the shadows but they seem proising. I can already tell that I loooove the lippies. I have worn "crime" all day and it's so bright and awesome, and I am normally more of a neutral lippie girl.

I am going to take Pictures and do swatches of my girls makeup, but I wanted to let her play with it a bit before I steal it Again haha.

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