Thursday, October 16, 2014

Urban Decay Vice 3 - Swatches and first impressions

I  got this in the mail a few days back. The White (Bobby dazzle) shade had broken. But I managed to clean the palette up enough to take some Pictures for you Guys.
I love that it comes in this awesome makeup bag. The palette fits perfectky in to it, and there is even room for a few eyeshadow brushes as well. I may just use it as a makeup bag for other products, and it will surely fit a lot of stuff.

I love the packaging. The design is so awesome and somehow reminds me of the Beach, and maybe also of the 80ies.. not sure why. I actually thought this was metal. But it seems to be plastic. It's quite sleek and compact, no waisted Space or excess packaging, I like. You get a giant mirror and it has a really good magnetic closure.

 I really like the layout of these shadows, I feel like sometimes palettes just throw the Shades in there randomly. And I'm the kind of person that takes a lot of inspiration from the layout, it just makes it easier for me to think up different looks and combinations when the layout is great.

First row consist of matte neutrals, DTF does have, a sparkle to it, but the base is matte.
Truth, Undone, Downfall, DTF
Second row is Jewel tones. Heroine is a matte Deep navy with some shimmer to it, Freeze and brokedown contains super micro fine glitter.

Dragon, Freeze, Heroine, Brokedown
Third row is also described as Jewel tones, Vanity and Bobby Dazzle has super fine micro glitter in them. I am just crazy about Lucky and obsessed with Reign.
Vanity, Lucky, reign, Bobby Dazzle

Fourth row is also Jewel tones. This is my favorite row. I love these type of Shades and I have been waiting for Shades like these from Urban Decay, so yaay. Check out that pigmentation!
Alien, Alchemy, Bondage, Sonic
 Last but not least we have the Fifth row, wich is the smokey Shades. I love this row, I don't like a silvery gray smokey eye so this is perfect for me.
Last sin, Angel, Defy, Revolver.
I do have to say that most of these Shades are more powdery than I am used to from Urban Decay, it's just not that smooth creamy texture I normally expect from them. There is nothing wrong with the pigmentation and the colors are mindblowingly stunning. But the texture is different. I don't think this will effect how they apply or look on the eyes, but it can get a bit messy when you touch the product with a brush. I also believe that's why one of the shadows broke so easily in transit.

I'm very pleased with the color selection, there is only 2 Shades I probably won't use that much: Dragon and Freeze, I'm just not good with blues and greens. But I am totally going to play with this and try every look I can think of. I'll report back with an actual review, once I've tried them out some more.



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    1. They are amazing. I love the pinks, reds and purples. Even the Browns are awesome :)


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