Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wet n Wild color icon, The naked truth palette review.

I bought this at the same time as I got the Wet n wild spring 2014 palettes. But I have only now gotten around to actually try it on. Sorry for the delay.

Price: $4 on

Packaging: Typical wet n wild packaging. It's a plastic palette with a clear lidt and it's taped together so har I broke a nail opening it the first time. You get 2 brushes, that I would not use.The packaging is not very pretty and feels really cheap, but hey it's a 4 dollar palette... you get 6 grams of eyeshadow. On the back of the packaging there is a Little guide on how to use the different shades,

This palette was a bit hit and miss. I have to say that for once, pigmentation was almost equally "good" on all shadows. But the base shade is very chalky and the browbone shade is just not right for me, it's too greyish. The eyelid shade is allright although it can look a Little muddy once Applied and the crease shade is pretty, but it contains annoying glitter.

I tried doing the suggested look but I was not particularly pleased with the result, the colors seem to blend a Little too well into eachother, creating a muddy look on the eye.

I tried using the definer shade as an eyeliner and it looked really good... for a few minutes, after that it just faded away and got lost in the other shadows.

I also tried using the crease color all over the lid and blending it out with a bit of the base color, adding just a tad of the definer in the outer v, and that actually looked quite nice. But as I feared the glitter quickly started Falling everywhere under my eyes and on my cheeks. And this was with a cream shadow underneath.

powdery, chalky, sparkly mess. swatched heavily to get an idea of the colors.

I would say these shadows need more than just a primer, they need a good sticky base or cream shadow to show up properly on the lids.

It's not an awfull palette but it's definately not great either. The shades do not really pop on the lids and it takes a bit of effort to avoid fallout and to try and get a somewhat polished look.

I don't really see myself grabbing for this palette again any time soon. Such a shame, I keep expecting the quality of the original color eyecon palettes, like "comfort zone" but it's just not there.

Have you tried it? what did you think?

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