Sunday, November 30, 2014

Copenhagen christmas shopping

I went on a "girl date" yesterday with a bestie of mine. It had been a while since I saw her last so we decided to go Christmas shopping together in Copenhagen. The girl "date" thing is just an inside joke between us, nothing romantic going on here haha.

We had lunch at a nice Little Turkish buffet resturant, super delicious food. And from there we wobbled our way to the streets of Copenhagen to shop for friends and Family.

There was sooo many people in Copenhagen yesterday. We are not used to people crowding the streets like that where we come from so that in itself was an experience.

I ofcourse had to stop at Sephora to pick up a few gifts, and got myself the Color festival palette as a treat.

I did not get a lot of stuff for myself, as I went a Little crazy with the Black Friday deals the day before. So I only got the palette from Sephora and a Batiste dry shampoo at Matas. I had no idea we had these in Denmark, although the Price was riddiculous, almost 10$ for this! crazy right? But I had to get it.

By the end of out shopping spree we went to Baresso and had a coffee and a tea and then we took the train home to good old and far less crowded Slagelse. I had a great day and I finally finished my Christmas shopping, so I can relax all of december now.

I will be spamming you with Pictures of the Color festival palette soon.

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