Wednesday, November 12, 2014

ELF HD mattifying cream foundation review.

A lovely reader wanted to know my thoughts on this cream Foundation from ELF so I promised her I would do a review. So I grabbed it out of my Collection and I have been refreshing my memories of it. So here we are with a review.

Shade: Porcelain.

Price: £7,95 or DKK 75 or about $6 on or .com

Packaging: I'm liking this matte Black plastic packaging. It's nice and sleek looking, not too bulky. It comes with a mirror and a compartment with a sponge. The sponge itself is ok. Just pat the product in rather than rubbing it in with the sponge.

I normally don't buy ELF Foundations because I tend to be too pale for them but I took a chance with this one. I'm fairly pale with pink undertones, most brands do not have a Foundation that matches me. In the summer I'm "tanned" enough to be able to match the lightest shade from drugstore brands.

This is the lightest shade of the cream Foundation, it's light enough for me, but it leans more yellow than pink. It's not crazy noticable but I do need to Wear some blush and bronzer to give some life back to my skin.

When it comes to coverage I feel that it's a good medium to full coverrage. It's a Little more than I am used to. I'm not that into full coverage as I feel it looks too obvious on my skin. This however does do a nice job at blending into the skin and the coverage is easy to controll. I prefer to buff it in with a flat top powder brush, that gives me the best, most blended result. If you like heavy coverage, you could apply it with a Foundation brush.

It's extremely creamy and feels like it's melting on contact with your skin, wich I really like. But I don't understand the mattifying claim. To me it goes on somewhere in between a natural matte and dewey.  I do need to set it with a powder as it does not controll oils. Be careful though, use a powder that won't accentuate dry patches or fine lines, as you really don't need anymore coverage or texture on your face.

When it comes to staying power I'm quite pleased, it lasted me almost all day. It does transfer quite a lot so remember to wipe off your cell phone and don't rub on your face.

This is not an everyday Foundation for me, it's a little too heavy and a little too much coverage for me for everyday use. But I have to say it's one of the better cream Foundations I have used. If you are into a little more coverage and you like cream Foundations I think you will like this.

I will recommend this for normal skin and combination skin. I don't think it would look too great on dry skin and if you have very oily skin you will need to set this and keep a powder with you.

I think this is worth a try if you like cream Foundations and if you can find the right shade. But I prefer liquid Foundations with a little less coverage.


  1. Thank you for the review!
    I am already wearing e.l.f.'s maximum coverage concealer (a nice product with a rather deceiving name) as foundation and this HD cream foundation seems more like a concealer to me. I also assumed Porcelain would be darker (the Studio flawless foundation is practically orange) - it's nice to see it's actually quite fair and does not look orange at all :). But I thought it's called mattifying cream foundation because it has oil control properties of some kind...

    Seems like an item I do not really need but it would be nice to have on those days my skin decides not to cooperate and full coverage is desperately needed :)

    1. I would not use this as a concealer under the eyes, even though its really creamy I don't think it would look good. I think it would accentuate my fine lines under the eyes and crease a lot. I tried the flawless foundation before they changed it, back then I did not find it orange, but looking at swatches online it sure looks off. This cream Foundation has some yellow to it that does not agree with my skintone but it's not crazy obvoius when blended out. Although your Picture makes you look paler than me.

      Honestly I would prefer a full coverage liquid Foundation I guess I'm not that into cream foudations anymore. But I do think this is nice enough, just not something I use that often. I would use this for nights out and set it with a powder and a setting spray maybe.

      What is it with those products that we don't really need but still want? That's how I came about purchasing this in the first place.

      I can't tell you to get this and I can't tell you to not get this. But if you want oil control maybe you should look into some asian beauty products? they are often right for my complexion and they have a wide array of oil control products. A lot of online shops like Koreadepart are selling those.


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