Sunday, November 23, 2014

Favorite lip color!

I have been digging through my makeup lately. Trying to clean it out a bit. In the process I found a few hidden gems within my collection, this ELF matte lipcolor in tea rose for example. I have always been fond of the color, but it just never suited me as well as it does right now. I have been chaning hair color like crazy since I got it, and apparently it goes really well with my natural hair color.

I have been looking for similar colors for the past few months and I feel that this is such a Unique color. I'm still looking for more lippies in this dusty, neutral, mauve, cool toned shade. I just absolutely love this type of shade.

So this rekindled love is more about the color of the product than the actual formulation. It's a nice matte formula but it's not always the best formula for my lips. But I really do like it a lot.

Sorry for the bad Pictures, took them this morning and there has been absolutely no sunshine for weeks now. So the lighting is dim and I was tired and still a Little puffy from sleeping.


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