Monday, November 10, 2014

Follow up: ELF nail polishes

I did a positive review of the ELF nail polishes (here) back in april 2011 where I got these Shades:

When I first bought them they were £1,50 each and now they are £2,50 on the ELF website. So back then I felt that these polishes were a great and affordable way to add some new colors to my Collection.

Keep in mind, I am not a big nail polish person so I don't wear nail polish all that often and I don't tend to splurge on expensive nail polish unless it's something completely unique and never before seen.
Some shades have since then left my collection and some have been added to it.

The last ELF polish I got was in this haul from july 2012:

Since then, my interest in the ELF nail polish has declined. Well actually my interest for nail polish in general has declined over the past few years.

I don't buy a lot of nail polish, I am always tempted but I stop myself, because I know how little I will actually use a new polish.

These are the ones I have in my collection today: (sorry for the poor Picture quality)

The polishes in the Picture above, are the ones I am getting rid of. They have been in the bottom of a drawer for ages and have gone wonky and goopy. I really did enjoy the "golden goddess" and the matte topcoat quite a bit.

The Picture above shows the colors that I am keeping. I really love the coral polish, it has the most lovely golden shift. The dark color "metal madness" is not available on the ELF website anymore. I have added some extra duochrome sparkle to this one and I really love it.

I still like the ELF nail polishes, (especially their dusky neutrals)and I would purchase one again if the shade was special enough. I still think they are nice but I tend to gravitate more to Essence nail polishes now.

The increase in Price also Means that there are now other nail polishes from other affordable brands competing with ELF, and honestly I feel like ELF need to add some more colors to their nail polish line to keep it fresh and interesting.

I really need to get the matte topcoat again and maybe try out some of the glitter polishes. So I am not giving up on these at all, if they have a shade that I like and I can't get one smilar from Essence I would get it from ELF.


  1. Golden Goddess is indeed one of the best ones they have (perfect to wear by itself too - nobody notices it's chipping - wearable for weeks!). I also liked the dark brown but I cannot make the polishes stick to my nails... Would rather buy Essence or Catrice now.

    1. Haha that's why I like Golden goddess too :) I have not had the chance to try anything from Catrice yet, but I agree with you on the Essence nail polish :)


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