Saturday, November 15, 2014

GOSH BB powder review

This is the last product from the GOSH BB line that I'm reviewing. I have also reviewed the BB cream and the skin perfecting kit. So this review completes my review of the entire Collection of BB products from Gosh.

Price: DKK 99,95 or about £9,99 at

Packaging: A nice standard powder compact. I like the Black packaging, it makes it look clean and proffessional in my opinion. The quality of the packaging is great as well. It comes with a big mirror in the lid and a nice velour type powder puff. I think I really like most GOSH packaging. You get 6,5 grams of product.

This powder is not translucent. It does have a tiny bit of color to it. But it's not much, it won't give you any extra coverage but being pale I found that this powder could look a tiny bit dark on me. Now it's only a tiny bit so It will not be noticible when I lightly dust it over my face, but I do notice it when I pat the powder into my skin with the puff. So try and get the powder closest to your skin tone. (it comes in 4 Shades, 02 is the lightest)

I have to say I love this powder! It does not accentuate fine lines or dryness. It's perfect for dry skin and for setting under eye concealer. It really does a great job at setting your Foundation without adding too much texture to the skin. It does alo mattify upon application, but it's a very natural matte finish, not flat or dry at all.

If you are looking for oil control, this is not it. It's a hydrating powder as it says on the packaging, and it's not made to controll oils. So if you are oily you may want to use another powder.

I myself tend to get quite oily pretty much all over the face during a normal day. So I do need to touch up with a powder. But I don't mind, I get oily no matter what I put on my face and always need to touch up anyways, and this powder is great for touchups because it's not cakey and it does not leave you with a powdery look. So I prefer to touch up with this rather than something with more oil control that leaves me cakey or overly powdery looking.

This powder has a really nice feel to it. It's very finely milled and when I rub it between 2 fingers It feels like it melts into the skin and it really does feel hydrating.

I definately recommend this if you have dry or normal skin and you are looking for a powder that won't look too obvious on the skin, but still sets your makeup and takes away shine.

If you have oily skin, you may not like this powder, but I'm very aware of my fine lines, big pores and dry patches so I like to use this even though my skin is oily.

All in all a great quality powder. If you will like it or not really depends on what you want your powder to do and your skin type.


  1. I'm still confused how they can insist a dry product is "moisturizing".
    I totally get some powdered products are more drying then others but I have never met a powder, that'll hydrate.

    1. If you rub this between your fingers you can feel the moisture in the product so I feel like it's true in this case.

    2. but I totally get what you say. Ofcourse it's not going to be anything like a Cream but I definately feel some moisture in the product. I cant say if it actually does hydrate only that on my skin it feels like it does.


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