Thursday, November 6, 2014

Makeup revolution Iconic 3 review

I have been using this palette for about a week and a half now, and I feel like I'm ready to tell you Guys what I think of it.

Price: £4 or about 40 DKK or $6,60

Packaging: Very standard plastic packaging. I have to give it to Makeup revolution, I have seen many a cheap plastic palette, and this is one of the better. I like the way it looks, and that you can see the shadows without opening the palette. And it also feels less flimsy than some of my other similar palettes. It comes with a nice sponge tip applicator. Now I normally dont use them, but for smudging shadow under the eye, they work great. You get 14 grams of shadow. Very pleased.

First time I swatched this I was not all that pleased. My expectations where overly high. Everyone compares this to UD naked 3. And I have to say that the colors are similar. Not all shadows are the same exact color and the amount of shimmer also varies. But this is not Urban Decay quality. Don't get me wrong, I think this palette is awesome but the shadows do not have that luxurious feel of Urban decay shadows. So please don't expect it to be as good.

I really do like the color selection and I'm very pleased with the mattes. These do not swatch as nicely as they apply. I will say that if the skin on your eyes is starting to age a bit, you may need to be careful with the shimmery shades. The shimmers do add a bit of unwanted texture to the eyes if Applied too heavily but I found that after about 10-15 minutes it will look smoother again.

When it comes to pigmentation I found that I did not need a primer, but when it comes to creasing, I did need a primer. I have oily lids so these will crease on me if I don't use a primer and they will crease quite a lot on me.

I enjoyed using this palette. The shadows are right up my alley and there are so many lovely stand alone shades. I do wish that the deeper shades were a little richer though. But I'm pretty pleased with these shadows.

They are definately a lot better that what you would expect for £4.

So I do recommend this palette, but I will say this. If you want the naked 3 palette, get the naked 3 palette! Yes these are good dupes, but the texture is not the same and the pigmentation is not the same. I know the naked 3 is expensive and I'm not trying to tell you to get something if you can't afford it.

Let's forget the naked 3 dupes for a second. As a stand alone palette this is really awesome for the price. There is definately nothing wrong with this palette at all. It's a great affordable everyday palette. The shadows look amazing on the eyes, and I will keep using this for a very long time. I do recommend it, just don't get swooped up in the Whole dupe thing. Think of it as a completely different palette with different texture but similar shades.


  1. I have this palette and I absolutely love it, it's just gorgeous xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. It's pretty darn good :) I love combining the bronzey shade with the rosey Shades.


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