Friday, November 21, 2014

My concealer collection.

I'm continuing going through my Collection. Showing you Guys what I have and what I like and don't like. It's not to brag about the makeup I have. But it forces me to take a look at what I have and what I need to get rid of and what I need to stop buying.

My ultimate favorite concealer at the moment, has to be my Maybelline age rewind.It has been my favorite since the day I first tried it. Another favorite is the concealer from the elf Essentials line. I know it's nothing special or amazing, but I keep repurchasing it becuase it Works great for me on days where I have dry undereyes. It is quite sheer, but I'd rather use a sheerer concealer than looking like a cakey mess under the eyes.

I need to get rid of these. They have gotten way too old. They don't smell bad yet and they have not gone bad as far as I can tell. But I have had them for years and I'm not comfortable using these so close to my eyes anymore. I'm sad to see my hard candy glamoflauge go. This has been a favorite for a long time, and I do need to repurchase it next time I haul from USA. The Garnier one I'm not sad about tossing out, it was never that great for me.

Now these I need to try out ome more before I can tell you what I think. I have never tried the Gosh one, I won it in a contest this year, and did not want to open it before I had used some other concealers up. The Elf one I tried when I got it about a year ago. But I have not tried it since, and I have no idea if I like it.

Oooh these look dirty! sorry for that. These are the concealers I'm a Little indifferent about. I won't say that they are horrible or that I hate them, but I don't really like them either. Maybe I need to give the Gosh one away, I mean it's 10£ and I only used it for a week. And I need to give the 2 elf ones another chance before getting rid of them.

So that's my concealer Collection. I actually thought it would be bigger. I am getting rid of the 2 old ones and I'm going to decide what to do with the last 3 ones. So I would say I did a pretty good job at cleaning that part of my Collection up. I have a better idea of what I like in a concealer, than I did just a year ago. So I'm hoping I won't go crazy and buy a lot of bad concealers.


  1. Try the e.l.f. Studio Maximum coverage concealer as foundation :), I quite liked it. It's not "maximum coverage" at all - but the finish is very nice mattish.

    1. I have tried that a few times, it did not Work for me. I find it to settle too much into my pores and dry patches. Also it felt kinda heavy as a Foundation. But it's nice enough as concealer for the underyes


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