Sunday, November 2, 2014

My Halloween.

I had invited a few of my besties to come and Watch scary movies with me for Halloween. Unfortunately sometimes Things don't go as planned. And all of them except 1 had to cancel. So me and my bestie Susanne was going to have a comfy scary movie night on the couch.

My couch, ready for some serious horror marathon

We decided to go out for a beer first, just to see people in their costumes. Unfortunately no one was really dressed up for Halloween. Neither was I. I was dressed Down for a comfy yet scary night on the couch, (yeah I don't spend hours deciding what to Wear when my plan is to stay in for the nigth)

A Little decoration with gummy eyeballs and Black roses.

So even though I was in my comfy clothes we decided that one drink was not going to cut it. We went to  another bar... I had my first BMW (Bailey, Malibu, Whiskey) And I liked it! A lot!

To make a long story short, that one beer that we originally planned , became waaay too many funny drinks and it was 3 am before I ventured back home.

We did have a bit of a scare by the end of the night. I was doing my best to impress everyone on the dance floor with my drunk twerking, much to Susannes amusement. When we decided that the World could not take anymore twering from an overwheight girl in a pajama looking outfit. We went to get our coats and purses, but they were gone! we thought someone had taken them and we ran around like crazy to find them. We did eventually find everything. A staff member had taken them because she thought someone had forgotten them. We had to pay 10$ to get our stuff back and at that point we just decided to go home.

At this point I'd had my fair share of drinks, I wasn't dangling or feeling sick. But I was in a good mood. I actually tried watching a scary movie when I got home. But had to stop.... because I was laughing so hard. Yup I know, I'm strange. I was watching a zombie Flick but all I could think of was " maaan those dead looking dudes are super drunk" and "oooh that looks like my old boyfriend" and I started giving them names and yeah... No need to indulge you in my super ´strange drunken mind.

So not the Halloween I had planned for... But this does make one hell of a story right? hehe.


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