Thursday, November 20, 2014

Products I have used up.

I am on a roll when it comes to using stuff up. Yay for me being persistent! But it wasn't really hard to do, seing how these are all products I realy like.

Palmolive, aroma therapy, deodorant: I normally never show my empty deodorants, not sure why. They just always end up in the real trash and not my empties bag. I really liked this, I prefer roll on deo over spray deo any day. This had a lovely mild scent that I enjoyed and I did feel like it kept me fresh really nicely.

Yves Rocher, sebo végetal micellar Water: Now I did not want to jump on the band wagon and try out any micellar Water product. I thought it was just a fancy Word for toner. And I kinda still think that. But this Little travel size was great. I use it after cleansing to tone and to get rid of anything my cleanser missed. I really liked this one, so I have already gotten a full size of it.

Covergirl, lash blash: Maan I should have gotten a backup of this. I absolutely love it. It may not add any length but it gives beautifull volume and it's just such a great wand. I'm cleaning up the wand and keeping it to comb trough my lashes when applying mascara that's a bit clumpy. I definately need to get another nex time I do a USA haul.

ELF, liquid lipstick: I go through these like a crazy person. I buy a couple of then once or twice a year. I really like them. They are nothing special but I like to keep them in my purse. They add a nice bit of sheer color and shine, and they hydrate my lips nicely. Not the last one I get.

Essence, glossy lip balm: I don't know what happened! I got this not too long ago, and I gave it a bit of mixed reviews. There must be some sort of addictive drug in it hehe. I was not really that fond of it at first, but it's a nice balm though and I would consider getting one Again, but in another shade. I'm pretty much over raspberry scented lip stuff for a few more weeks at least hehe.

So that's all my empties for today. I would repurchase every single one of these products.

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