Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sephora Color festival - first impression

I picked this palette up yesterday from Sephora, on my trip to Copenhagen. I have been playing around with this all day and My lips and eyes are getting pretty sore from all the swatcht swatchy going on. I thought I would let you Guys know my initial thought on this massive kit.

My old Sephora Blockbuster palette
If you are familiar with the old Sephora bluckbusters, you will be familiar with the quality and textures in this palette. The quality is very very similar indeed. I don't think there has been much improvement at all since their last Blockbuster.

When closed, this palette looks like a giant bow. Kinda cute, but incredibly bulky.

When the palette is completely unfolded it looks like a big Wheel of colorful layers. I was hesitant to get this because I thought that some of the product would be hard to get to, because of this design. But every layer can slide out on its own so you can get to every single thinng in this palette.

The top layer has 2 lids that opens to reveal 2 eyeshadow palettes complete with mirrors, however the mirrors cannot be pushed back enough for me to get a usable angle for makeup application.

Lovely selection of neutral eyeshadows with some pretty mattes. Some of the shadows from my old Blockbuster has made a reappearance in this palette.

Nice selection of nude and red lip colors. Some are sheer and glossy, some are creamy and pigmented. This is probably some of my favorite products in this palette

Some greens, silvers, greys, gunmetals and Blacks. Not the layer I will be using too much.

That's a LOT of cream liners. Unfortunately they are the same formula as my old palette. Wich Means that they dont set. They are too creamy to be used as liner, and even with a powder they will transfer. I use these as cream bases wich they are ok for. But use a primer and make sure to really set them with eyeshadow, or they WILL crease.

Pinks and purples, some sheer and glossy and some very pigemted creamy Shades. And there is also 4 lip and cheek stains. I don'r really find them to stain anything, but they will give you the appearance of a stain when Applied to the skin. Lovely.

My favorite part is the blushes. Look at all those colors. You have light, dark, peachy, pink, mauve, neutral, brights, mattes and shimmers. I would say most of these are mattes, wich I am very pleased with.

My first impression is that the shadows are nice, the blushes and lip products are really nice but the liners althoug they look amazing just wont set, so they will smear and smudge.

I still think this is a pretty good palette, although it's super bulky and a Little crazy. There is just something about it that speaks to my childish side. Speaks to that Young girl that just started getting into makeup and loved to experiment with colors. I think this would be a nice starter palette for a teen or just a nice gift for a makeup enthusiast. But those liners really suck.

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