Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Stuff I'm getting rid off

Let's talk some trash today. I have a few items that I will be throwing out. Not all of them are bad products. Some are just too old and have gone bad and some did just not Work for me.

Hard Candy Moon glow:
Now this packaging is super cute and there is nothing wrong with this powder. First of all it's way too old, and second - I dont like it. It has glitter in it. I bought it to use as a glow product, but the powder itself is kinda flat, so it does not work as a highlight and it has glitter in it so it does not work as a face powder either. So time to go.

LA girk triple enhancing gloss:
I liked this gloss But the packaging was a bit bothersome. I'm getting rid of this because it has gone bad.

NYC lip glider gloss:
I really did like this gloss. But it got lost in my Collection and I tried using it in my project pan, but it has gone bad now so I won't be using it up.

NYX cream shadow:
Now this I just don't like. The color is loevely but I cannot get it to work on my lids. It doesn't blend, if you try blending it out you will rub it off. It's patchy, it flakes and it's just not attractive on me.

Unknown eye liner:
This is one of those Things that I need to toss. I never really liked it at all. It burned my eyes so I never used it but for some reason I kept it? No idea why. Bye bye

LA girl colorbalms:
I liked these initially. I don't anymore. The colors are not colors that I reach for as I already have them in better formulas. My lips have gotten drier and these are not very balmy at all. They do look cute in the packaging but I need to get rid of them as I would probably never use them anymore. But

Cherryculture lip balm:
I actually like these. But this has been in my purse for ages and has gotten all nasty ans smooshed. So I need to throw it out.

Vitamin Water lip balm:
This was a promotional item. I looove the scent of it I could smell it all day. BUT it goes on the lips like a strange film. No hydration at all. Probably the least hydrating lip balm I have ever owned. And it tastes so incredibly bad. I just don't want to use it.

If you have any of these items, please let me know what you think of them. Makeup is so personal and something I hate may be one of your favorite things. So I would love to hear from you.

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