Thursday, December 18, 2014

Amazing news!

I have just recieved some amazing news! I was 1 out of the 50 chosen from 3000 candidates, to become a blogger for Yves Rocher! For some reason I did not get the mail, so I was a Little confused when I got a mail about the products that I would recieve this month.

I wrote back, thinking that it was a mistake. But no!

What does this mean?:
It Means that every other month I will recieve PR samples from Yves Rocher. I do not get paid for this, but the products I recieve are free, so you could say I get paid in products.

Will this affect my opinion?: NO! If I get sent a product, and I don't like that product, I will tell you. Plus I will let you know every time a product has been sent to me for review purposes. I want to be transparent and I want you to be able to trust my opinions.

Yves Rocher is not a new brand to me. My mother has always bought Yves Rocher products, and I pretty much grew up on their skin care and shower products. If you search my blog you will see that I have tried and tested quite a few of their products throughout the years. So I feel confident enough in the brand to do this. I would not have done this if I did not like the brand.

I'm not sure when the PR sample will arrive, but I'm thinking of doing a post about my Yves Rocher Collection before it arrives, so you can see what I already have, what I like, and what I do not like.

I'm so excited about this.

If you don't know what Yves Rocher is: It's a Skincare Company launched in France back in 1959, it's available in 90 countries World wide. I remember my mother used to (and still does) order them via mail order. I order online at their Danish website. I believe there is a website for every country where Yves Rocher is available. They focus mainly on skincare, body care and cosmetics, they also have fragrances and dietary supplements. They also focus on natural ingredients and have an organic line of products as well.


  1. Ohhh sounds great! Congratulation :)

    1. It's a really big thing for me. My blog really Means the World to me. Thank you so much :)


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