Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Essence - NEW launches for spring/summer 2015! - Face

Hello my lovelies. I am super excited about all these new launches for spring/summer 15 that are being revealed at the moment. And Essence has a LOT of new stuff coming out in march 2015! So I'm dividing everything up in eyes, lips, face and nails to keep it short(ish) and sweet.


I am starting to see a theme with all the Nude products Essence is launcing. And I'm liking it! Those new powders look to be baked powders, wich I am really excited for. I'm not too sure about the new Sun Club 2in1 bronzing powders though. Finally they are adding in some new Shades to their already existing lines and a new little face palette.


  1. I have so far just tried one bronzer by essence and i absolutely love it. It was the mixed shades one which they are taking out of the sortiment now. It was definitely beating my Rimmel one. I wonder how those will turn out. The nice thing with essence is that you can always just pick it up to try it out since its so cheap.


    1. I think I need to pick up that bronzer before it's gone forever. Fingers crossed it's still available at kosmetik4less.de. Yeah Essence is super affordable, and sometimes the products are bad but most of the time I'm really impressed with the Things I get. :)


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