Monday, December 15, 2014

Fortune cookie soap haul - with guest star Boo!

I just got my very first fortune cookie soap order in the mail today. I ordered these goodies during the black Friday sales. It did take a Little while for the order to ship, but it's a smaller Company and they had a LOT of orders. So I don't mind at all.

Here is a look at what I got:

Wow they really fill up their jars to the brim. this smells sooo good. It's not available on the site anymore so I can't really see what it's supposed to smell like. But to me it smells like bananas, sweet cream and maybe peanutbutter? It sounds crazy, but I love it.

This is the "hair flip" lip scrub. I think this smells like Hazelnut and maybe some sort of liqeur?

Here is a bunch of the "steam me up scotty" shower steamers. I got "fried pussycat" "Cold buster" and "poisonous fog" I have not smelled these yet, but I'm definately taking a shower with a fried pussycat tonight haha


 Next is the OCD hand sanitizer in "there's no place like home" This has straight up red glitter in it. Not sure what I was thinking. I mean it looks cute, but glittery hands? hmm I need to give this a try. It smells like candy cherries and cinnamon candies. Mostly cinnamon.

I also got a foaming hand soap in "the shiz" that I have not smelled yet and A "hydrate me" in Roy B. Giv that smells very fresh, the scent reminds me of freshly washed laundry, wich I like. A lot!

I also got some really nice samples, the hair whip perfume oil and the cuticle butter in "moose mug"
I think there is a Little blooper on the cuticle butter description. It seems that it is the description and ingredients of their Wax tarts hehe.

I had a bit of a struggle taking Photos for the haul, a cerrtain mr. Boo wanted my attention. He was going crazy and reached his Little hands out of the Cage to try and get a hold of me. I think it must have been because of the nutty scents. "Hair flip" smells like hazelnuts wich are his favorite nuts. So that scent is definately "chipmunk approved"

I can't wait to try all these goodies out. Have you tried anything from Fortune cookie soap? what is your favorite products and scents?


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