Monday, December 29, 2014

Fortune cookie soap - Hydrate me review

I have been using this Fortune cookie soap - Hydrate me for about 4-5 times now so I feel it's time for a little review. If you are not familiar with these, they are solid body butters that you use after your shower. You just wet it a bit and rub it all over your body, then massage into the skin a bit. Then you just air dry a bit for best results. If you towel dry, you may pat off some of the product.

Scent: witch please, Roy B. Giv

Price: $9,99 per bar at fortune cookie soap.

Packaging: Not the prettiest packaging, it comes in a plastic container, that doesn't look very appealing. BUT once you start to use the product, you start to appreciate the container. It's a great storage for your bar and it keeps it away from unwanted Water splashes in your shower. Mine came a bit broken. But it clearly states on the website that this may happen because of the formula of the product, so it didn't bother me. But all in all it's not that visualy pleasing.

I absolutely love the effects this has on my skin. It hydrates really really well and my skin stays hydrated and supple until the next time I shower. And the scent lingers on the skin really nicely as well.
I think I'm hooked on this stuff, it's do much easier to do than to slather body lotion all over all the time, and for me this hydrates my skin for longer and is more of an intense moisturizer than a body butter or lotion.
The scent (Roy B. Giv) is amazing. I wish it was permanent. It's such a fresh clean scent. It reminds me of freshly washed laundry. Love it!
I adore this product, and I will be stocking up on this, in different scents. But I do think that $9,99 is a Little pricey, but I understand that a smaller Company can't mass produce Things, thereby keeping the costs Down. Plus this is some top notch pure ingredients, so I guess the Price is quite fair, even thought it's a bit much for me.
I made the mistake of using this under running Water the first time, so a lot of it melted away. I have now perfected my application to use this as sparingly as I can, while still getting the full effects of this. I think this will be good for about 10 uses, perhaps even more.
If you are too lazy to put on lotion or you just feel like you need more moisture than a regular body lotion can give you, you might enjoy this. I certainly recommend it.



  1. Oh wow this sounds so unique and fab! I love the colour xx

    1. It amazing. I want to use it every time I shower. I need to order more! hehe


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