Thursday, December 25, 2014

Gosh - multicolour blush review

This review has been long overdue! It's not like I have forgotten about this product at all. It's actually been quite the stable product in my makeup bag. Unfortunately I lost the Pictures I had of it when it was brand new. So you get to see the Wear and love I have given this product in the Pictures below.

Shade: 50 Pink pie, there is also a Bronze pie, but pink pie, had the most versatile color option in my opinion.

Price: 100DKK wich is about 9-10£ in Denmark or 7,99£ on

Packaging: I love Gosh packaging! It's a nice round compact with 4 different blush Shades. Big enough to use seperately without accidently mixing the colors. You get 10 grams of product.

I love how veratile this palette is. You get 4 different blushes, that totally different from eachother so it's great for traveling. If 4 Shades is not enough for you, you could swipe your brush over 2 of the Shades to create a completely new shade. So that actually gives you 10 different blush Shades in total.

These are nicely pigmented and you can definately go for a bold colorful look, or you can apply them lightly for a subtle look. I find these work great for both a subtle or a bold look.

As for staying power these are a Little above average for me. I'm oily and blushes seem to always be the first thing to melt off my face, but these hold up pretty well.

the light pink, mauve and reddish color are all matte and the peachy Shades has a fine sparkle to it. The peachy shade is a matte base but with very fine sparkle (too small to be glitter yet too big to be pearly)

I think there is a Little bit for everyone in this palette. And I love that Gosh gives us 4 completely different Shades in one quad instead of giving us variations of the same shade. I personally love the neutral mauve'y shade, it's just such a great natural everyday color.
I have used this a lot and it hardly shows. And I will continue to use this a lot. I love this Little quad and I'm hoping that Gosh will add some more colors to the line. It may be on the more expensive side of drugstore makeup, but honestly this is better than drugstore quality! I think Gosh is one of those Danish brands that have drugstore'ish prices but are way better than drugstore quality.
I 100% recommend this blush quad in 50 pink pie. If these colors are something you like, you should check it out.



  1. All the colors in this blush look amazing, my favorite being the bright pink x

    1. I've actually used that bright reddy/pink as an eyeshadow hehe. I like that this Little palette can get you through so many looks.


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