Wednesday, December 17, 2014

GOSH Velvet touch lipstick review

I thought it was about time for me to review my GOSH velvet touch lipsticks, considering I have had quite a few of them through the years and it seems that my Collection is growing. My first Gosh velvet lipstick was "amethyst" a pearly purply shade, that went well with my teenage goth obsession. I then bought the "darling" shade wich is the palest nude I have come across. I loved it. But it does not suit my coloring anymore. I don't have these 2 anymore so I will focus my review on the 4 Shades that I do have.
Price: 90DKK wich is about 9£, I have seen them on for only £6,49 so I guess they are more expensive in Denmark wich is a little odd, seing it is a Danish brand, but oh well.
Packaging: Black plastic and metal. This tube is not just plastic, I love how the barrel of the tube is metal. It looks really nice and I think it also makes the packaging feel a Little more high end. And the cap snaps on tightly so you won't have it come off when you tote it around in your bag, wich you will need to do for touch ups. The bottom has a sticker on it with the color, name and number. Wich I think is nice.

Now let's talk formula, all the lipsticks I have are very very creamy, yet they don't feel slippery on the lips. They are hydrating and feel lovely on the lips. All mine are cream finishes and they do tend to have a bit of a shine to them, not too much, but they are definately not matte.
There is not much of a scent to them. They smell very faintly of lipstick with perhaps the faintest Vanilla scent. So If you don't like scents, I think these will be good.
Because these are so creamy and hydrating, I don't find them to be very long lasting. But a lip liner really up's their game a lot. I don't find them to bleed and they Wear off nice and even on my lips.

L-R: 155 innocent, 162nude, 161sweetheart, 77romantic.

155 Innocent: Is a creamy baby pink. This was a mistake buy for me. I can't Wear baby pinks and I knew that.  Fortunately for me this is one of the more wearable baby pinks I have tried, I think the creamyness makes it easier to sheer out, making it more wearable. Also this is not as extremely White based as some other milky pink colors. But it's still not super flattering on me. It makes the redness in my skin show up more.

162Nude: Is a really nice nude lipstick  it's not too light and it's not too dark. It's not too Brown and it's not too pink. On the Picture it shows up a little more peachy than it does in real life, although I would say that this is a peachy nude. This is a perfect everyday shade for me.
161sweetheart: awesome darker nude shade. It's hard to describe this color, It's one of those very trendy cool toned brown, but not Brown medium nudes. Haha crazy description. This is my absolute favorite shade of the bunch, and actually in my top 5 favorite lip colors at the moment,

77Romantic: Is a reddish Brown shade with some sort of pearly sheen to it. It's quite Unique. I don't have anything like it. I don't reach for it as much, because I don't tend to Wear darker colors that often. I did not think I would like this shade, but it suits my complexion really well.

I really like these lipsticks, even though I am a bargain hunter, and these are a Little more pricey than what I would normally pay for lipstick. I do tend to like these more than my cheaper lipsticks. It just nice to have a great quality lipstick that does not smell like candy and does not dry out my lips.

There are so many amazing Shades to choose from and I just really like how these lipsticks look on the lips.  They are some of my favorite lipsticks, mostly because the of the Shades, but also because they look great on the lips.  In Denmark drugstore brands like L'oreal and Maybelline are quite expensive and I think the Gosh lipstick is about the same Price as the L'oreal and Maybelline ones. I prefer the Gosh lipsticks any day.

So if you have not tried them yet, I would suggest you check out 161sweetheart if you want a lovely nude shade that's not too concealer beige. It's great for this time of year.


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