Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I ♡ Makeup Go! palette review

This was one of the free gifts with purchase, during the Black Friday deals. I've been eyeing this palette ever since it was first released, so I am super happy to finally have it. I took my time playing around with this, as I wanted to make sure I tried every single color in the palette.

Price: reduced to £3,99 or $6,30 (almost half of the original price) on makeup revolutions website

Packaging: A round plastic palette. It's nothing fancy, but for such an affordable brand I think they did a nice job. I like the layout of this but it is a bit bulky, it wouldn't fit my small makeup bags. I normally don't care about mirrors in palettes, but since this is called a go palette. I assume it's supposed to be good for on the go, so therefore I think this palette lacks a mirror, although I have no idea where that mirror would be placed.

This palette has a Little bit of everything, 1 blush, 1 bronzer, 1 highlight and 6 eyeshadows. I appreciate that the blush and bronzer are both matte. The highlighter is not glittery or overly shimmery it adds a really nice glow to the skin, love it.

There is only one matte eyeshadow, the rest are guite metallic/shiny/shimmery. I would have liked to see a matte crease color in the palette, perhaps instead of the very shimmery pale pink.

But when all that is said, I really enjoy this palette. The blush suits me nicely, the bronzer is a tad too warm but Works in a pinch, I prefer it as blush, and that highlight is amazing! I love the rosey toned eyeshadows and I have so far been able to come up with 4 different combinations that I really like.

I have worn this quite a lot, and I could see myself hitting pan on this one, it's just a great palette to take with you on a weekend away. I also like the fact that I have everything I need in one palette. Normally I'm not this Lucky, I may like the shadows, but then the blush is to harsh on me or the bronzer is too dark, but this one is quite a good match for me,

This is a great palette for pale, light and medium skin tones. The bronzer probably won't do much for medium to dark skin tones though. I'm really pleased with this palette. I can use every single product in it and the color combinations just look amazing, it's not everyday I see something this well put together from such an affordable brand.
I totally recommend this palette. But maybe skip it if you don't like metallic/shiny eyeshadow. The highlighter alone makes this palette worth it.



  1. Such a lovely palette, very useful too. Love the blush shade and all six eye shadows are great. Nice review honey. Happy new year. Kisses <3

    1. It's great, finally a palette where I can use all the colors :) Thank you so much hun. And a happy and safe new year to you too :)

  2. I love that really dark color in the palette x

  3. Wow those swatches are seriously gorgeous! I love Makeup Revolution so much xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. Thanks. Yeah I'm getting a little addicted to MUR


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