Thursday, December 25, 2014

L.A. Color - You the balm - lip balm review

I thought I would do a quick review of the L.A. Colors - You the balm - lip balm in strawberry. I bought this in my Beautyjoint haul, I did not too long ago. I have to say it was the packaging that drew me in. And I'm also a sucker for lip balms.

Price: $2 on

Packaging: a chubby lip balm tube. Not as cute as I thought it would be. It's just a White plastic tube with stickers on it. You get 4.5 grams of product.

I don't like this lip balm at all. It's one of those super melty greasy/oily balms that just does not seem to hydrate my lips at all.

The scent is very strong. it smells like fake strawberry vitams. Quite similar to the ELF therapeutic lip balms in both scent and texture, I did not enjoy those either.

It does leave a bit of a milky pink color on my lips, wich I'm not a fan of either and it only lasts for a few minutes before it has all worn off. It just doesn't do anyhing for my lips and it does not look cute on chapped lips because of the milky color.

I would not recommend this, unless your lips like the more oily/greasy lip balms. Mine tend to need a little more of a heavier waxy texture. But all lips are different.

So that was a bit of a negative review, oh well it was only $2 so I'm not really sad about it. But I won't be using this balm.



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    1. I guess the owl is pretty cute. But I wish it wasn't just a sticker slapped on White plastic packaging :)


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