Saturday, December 27, 2014

LA Colors, 3D Blush contour review

Hello my lovelies. Today I have a review of the L.A. Colors, 3D blush contour pallette. I believe it's available in 12 different Shades, with different types of blush, bronzer and highlights.

I bought the shade "Lovely" as it seemed to be the lightest one with the most true bronzer color. Some of the bronzer colors look like they would be better suited as blushes.

Price: $2,99 from

Packaging: I actually kinda like the look of this plastic packaging. The White packaging Works really well at displaying the products nicely. I would say for 3 bucks, I'm quite pleased with the packaging. You even get instructions on the back of the products. althought it's quite basic instructions. You get 8 grams of product.

This is not my favorite sculpting palette, but it does have some nice elements. I really enjoy the highlight. It's almost matte, and it's pale enough for me to use it. This gives you such a brightening effect without all the shimmer and glitter. It has the nicest tiny bit og glow. I don't like extremely shiny or sparkly highlights so this is perfect for me.

The Bronzer on the other hand is not that great. I find it hard to blend out nicely and if you are darker than me, I am not sure it would show up much. I tried contouring with it, but it just looked odd on me. I can get away with using it to warm up my complexion, but I won't use it as a contour shade. It has an almost matte finish, leaning on satin, wich is nice, but it's not that great.

The blush is so so... I mean the color is pretty and I like the finish of it. It's that matte to satin finish that I enjoy. But as with the bronzer I find it a Little hard to blend. But not nearly as bad as the bronzer.

The products feel very creamy to the touch, almost "siliconey" The highligter has the nicest formulation and seems to be of better quality than the blush and bronzer. I have yet to try any of the other shade options, so I can only speak for this particular palette.
I am still tempted to try some of the other color options. I do enjoy the highlight a lot and the blush, once blended looks pretty. So I'm not totally bashing this product. It's just not the best thing out there.

When it comes to staying power, I find them to stay on as long as my other products. I have oily skin so Things tend to melt or fade on me. I think the staying power of your blush and such really depends on your Foundation and skin type. Everything stays on me nicely when I Wear my long wearing foundation. So I would rate this average in that department.
So even though this was not a complete win for me, I'm still glad to have this in my Collection. I really really love the highlighter. I'm going to try another shade or 2 to see how they perform.


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