Friday, December 12, 2014

Loevens Advent calendar. December 12th

Happy december 12th everyone. I have been feeling a Little under the weather these past few days. So I have not been wearing any makeup really. But I have still been testing out a few lip products so I'm not completely away from my blogger obsession.

Today I got this lovely bath scrungie in my advent calendar. I always use these and I can always use more of them, as I like to replace them often because of bacteria and such. So this is definately a nice backup for the one I'm using now.

I got my foldable/portable bath tub yesterday. I realize that this Picture makes it look like a torture device haha but it's actually really nice and I even though I'm a big girl I still fit nicely in there. It's adjustable so I could make it smaller and thereby making the Water deeper, but I do like my Space so the is just Deep enough to reach my belly button. For size reference: the bottle of bubble bath in the Picture is actually jumbo size and this tub measures 1meterx1meter so it's bigger than it looks.
Hopefully I will be back feeling 100% soon. But I have a few hauls to post so you won't be missing out, even though I'm sick.

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