Saturday, December 13, 2014

Loevens advent calendar. December 13th

Happy December 13th everyone. I'm starting to feel a Little better this afternoon. I have been taking long steamy baths and it seems to do the trick. Today I have been taking Pictures of all the Things I got in my recent hauls, so I can get to try them out and write about them. There is a lot of Things!

Todays adventcalendar gift was 2 pairs of undies. I'm not going to show you too much of them, I'm kinda strangely private for a blogger, in certain areas. I mean I would probably answer any question about my personal life but I will not show you my undies haha. They are really nice though! White hipsters with lace details, and they fit perfectly yay!

Today I decided to try out my Makeup Revolution Go! palette. I only used the eyeshadows as I wanted to try out my new L.A. Colors 3D blush & contour palette as well. I used the 4th eyeshadow all over the lid and the 3rd in my crease and under my eyes and then I used the only matte shade as a highlight. Very rosey and neutral look. I like it! My camera is not really good at showing my makeup, it's more rosey and a Little darker in person than on my Pictures.

I also used this Little face palette from LA Colors, first impression: great if you are really pale and afraid of overdoint the blush and bronzer, but if you have light/medium or deeper skin, I don't think this would do much. The highligt is matte! I kinda like that, but I need to try it out some more.

A Little closer look of mah face! The blush is a nice subtle pink tone. I can actually see the highlight even though it's subtle, I used it on my cheek bones on the bridge of my nose and a little around my undereye area. I am diggin' the lip color, it's my new NYC twistable crayon in "riverside rose" it comes off a lot lighter and more pink in the Pictures, It's more of a mid tone browny/mauve rose shade in person, I'll try and get a good lip swatch of it later.

I'm going home to my parents for dinner tonight, nice to finally get off the couch and out of this appartment hehe.


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