Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Makeup Revolution - Amazing sheer lip gloss review

I got these lip glosses as part of a free gift with purchase - during the Black Friday sales. I wasn't even going to open them initially. But I thought " maybe I'll just try the nude one" And 5 minutes later I was opening up 2 more.

I never hear anybody talk about these glosses, so I thought I would do a review on them seeing how they really surprised me.

Price: £1 on makeuprevolutionstore.com It doesn't get anymore affordable than that, Even the ELF ones are more than a Pound now, I think.

Packaging: Your basic lip gloss squeeze tube. I have not had any malfunctions with the packaging. It's a lot longer and nicer looking compared to the ELF ones. It does not say anything about how much product you are getting but It looks to be a LOT

I was quite surprised by how much I actually love these glosses. They are not sticky or goopy or thick on the lips at all. It almost feels like you are applying a liquid glossy balm. And I have actually been using them instead of my lipbalms on day where my lips were extra chapped.

The scent on these is amazing! I can't completely put a finger on it, but it's sweet and fruity without being sickly sweet. It reminds me a bit of mandarins or something. It does not have any taste and none of that sweet tasting stuff, that some companied put in their glosses.

free, not naive, hush hush, baby try, must be strong.
As the product says these are sheer glosses, some more than others and you probably don't need to own every single one of them, even though I am tempted to get more. I'm not going to swatch the clear one, as I have not opened it, and will be puting it into my giveaway pile.

Not naive: is a sheer nude shade. It's not streaky and the pigment does not settle in to the lines of my lips. It's not going to give you much in the color department but I find that it does neutralize my own lip color just a little, it's a great everyday gloss that you can apply without a mirror.

Hush hush: is more pinky than "not naive" but looks very similar on the lips. Agan, a great everyday gloss, no mirror required.

Baby try: This one surprised me! It's actually quite pigmented and gives my lips the most amazing Barbie pink tinge. But I definately need a mirror for this. It's not a color that I would have picked for myself but I actually really like it, it's going to be great for spring and summer.

Must be strong: Is a sheer pinky red. It's as sheer as the 2 first Shades. It gives my lips just a tiny bit of color. Also great for everyday - no mirror needed.

I absolutely love these, and I may just have to get the rest of the Shades. I do hope Makeup revolution will add even more Shades to the line or maybe make some more pigmented glosses with the same formulation as these ones. It's my favorite gloss at the moment. It does not get any more affordable than this for me (Stuff in Denmark is expensive) And the quality of these is just crazy good for £1

It's not often I tell people to go out and buy something, I don't want to enable spending Money on something just because I think it's good. But I will make an exeption. Get these! Just get one nex time you order from them, it will only set you back £1 and you won't regret it. I'm in love!



  1. Finally this brand is in my country too....really excited....xoxoxo...:)


    1. That's amazing. Do let me know what you plan on trying. :)


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