Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Makeup revolution - essential mattes palette

I have had this palette for a while but never really gotten around to using it more than once or twice. So I decided to put it a bit more to the test. I'm finally ready with my thoughts on this palette. This is the Original palette, MUR have since released an essentails 2 palette.

Price: £4 or $6,32 or DKK 39 on the Makuep revolution website

Packaging: I'm diggin' the packaging. it's the same packaging as the other redemption palettes (iconic 1,2,3 etc) I'm still really pleased with the design and layout of the shadows. And you get a whopping 14 grams of product.

Honestly I wasn't too impressed when I first got this palette and attempted to swatch it. I found these shadows a Little difficult to swatch. So I was afraid that they would not perform very well.

I was wrong. I gave this palette a chance, and I'm so glad that I did. Matte shadows are really hard to get right and I think Makeup revolution did a great job with these matte eyeshadows. They blend so amazingly well, without going muddy. They are just so darn fool proof. I'm not a master blender, but with these, it looks like I am.

I think these are great for everyday Wear, they are really easy and fast to use and the eye looks I have come up with always look flawless (that's not something that happens to me often)

Swatched with a q-tip to get them to show up on bare skin.
You do have to use a primer with these, to get the maximum color payoff and to make them last longer. I found that these did last all day on me, with a bit of fading at the end of the day.

The texture is smooth, and a Little bit chalky, but the chalkyness does not show when Applied to the eyes.

I have not tried the UD naked basics, and I'm not going to. This contains more shadows and is a lot cheaper and the quality is amazing so I don't feel I need the UD version.

These are great as a stand alone palette, but I do like to keep it on my makeup area, to use with other shadows. Not all my palettes have a great matte highlighter or crease color, so this is a nice palette to pair those with.

I really love this palette. My only complaint would be that there are a lot of light Shades that kinda look the same on my eyes, I would have liked some more medium Shades. But it's still a really good selection of basic colors.



  1. A really good primer to use for the eyes in NARS Smudge Proof Shadow Base. I've used UD's eye primer and definitely prefer the NARS one. You can put your eyeshadow on at 9am and it will look like you just put it on at 11pm. x

    1. thank for the recommendation :) I'm using Benefit stay don't stray right now, really liking it. I often use a waterproof cream shadow underneath like Maybelline color tattoo or elf cream shadow, Works perfect :) Another item toput on my wanted list :)


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