Friday, December 19, 2014

Memebox Special #72 makeup edition 3 unboxing

I'm back with my last Memebox unboxing for now. I ordered 3 boxes at the same time and this is the last one. But not the last one ever, I'm defiantely going to be ordering more as new ones are released.

This is the makeup edition 3, Looking at the opened box it seems promising. you get 5 full size products worth about $99 and I believe I payed $30 in totalt for this box.

Color World Double cover concealer: $14
" a dual concealer with a rounder stick type on one end and a finer tip pencil on another, each catered to cover up smaller and larger skin imperfections. It's creamy, soft touch applies smotthly onto skin, blending well with base makeup with high coverage."

You could have gotten either "light beige" or "beige" I unfortunately got "beige" wich is way too dark for me, even in summer. So I will not be able to use this. I may just give this away to someone WHO could use it.

  Dr.MJ real mucin restore cusion SPF50+PA+++ ($54)
" Normal cushion BBs, when Applied multiple times over and over, usually end up ruining the initial dewy look that you started with in the morning. However Dr. MJ real mucin restore Cushion is closer to a skin care formula than a simple BB, because it's packed with rich nutrients from snail filtrates and various moisturizing agents for adding more radiance and glow to the skin with mutliple apllications. Free of paraben, mineral oil, bensophenone, talc and alcohol."

The packaging on this is amazing. It may not look like much, but this just feels sooo high end. The quality of this packaging is probably the best I have held in my hands. Now for the product I'm not too sure. I have only just Applied it and I have to say it makes me look greasy, no skip that... GLOSSY! it makes y face look wet! Not even just a Little oily. It's crazy and not in the good way. I'll have to see if I can make this Work.

 Shara Shara skin light-up 02 gold beam; $11
"A creamy stick type highlighter for adding 3D definition and radiance to any makeup look. The hologram Pearl infused formula glides on smoothly onto skin with a moist touch but then leaves a silky powdery finish. It also comes with an attached blending sponge on the other end"

This looks interesting. I'm definately going to give this one a try.

Shara Shara tinted style lip gloss, shimmering sunset coral: $11
"A sheer lovely coral color that could be used as both a lip tint and a lip gloss, it melts onto lip to instantly replenish while creating tinted oil barrierover lips - Thus a long-lasting shine and gloss."

Hmm I'll give it a go, the product looks really nice, But I'm just not into orange lip products at all. But I'll give it a shot.

 Shara Shara Drawing brush liner: $9
"a brush type liner in natural Black, this drawing brush liner is perfect for any look from daily natural makeup all the way to smokey makeup. The soft brush tip easily glides onto lids and create sophisticated, deeper-looking eyes in just 10 seconds."

I'm not sure if I just got a bad one or they are all this dry and sheer? But The swatch you see in the Photo is as much as I could build it up. Not really pleased with this liner.

Not the greatest box for me. There are a few products that I can't use because they are the wrong shade for me, a liner that won't show up and an extremely shiny BB balm. That leaves me with the highlighter that I have yet to try. So I do regret getting this box a Little bit. The value is good though.



  1. Schade, dass du so viele der Produkte nicht verwenden kannst. Ich denke das ist auch der Grund, warum ich mir nie solche "Überrraschungsboxen" bestelle

    1. Sorry for not replying in German. I cant speak German but I read it just fine. It really is too bad, but yeah thats to be expected from these types of "überraschungsboxen" I have been pretty pleased with the skincare though.

  2. I don't think this is too bad of a box. I'm trying to steer clear of their makeup boxes though since the value isn't there compared to their skincare related ones.

    1. Think I'll have to steer clear of the makeup boxes as well. I never thought I would get a concealer that would be too dark for me in a Korean box hehe. I think It's just that the disapointment in the dried up eyeliner and the dark concealer overshines my judgement a Little hehe. I shouldnt expect to like everything. I'm definately on board with the skin care though!


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