Saturday, December 27, 2014

My Danish christmas eve.

Hey everyone I hope you all have had a great Holiday. I thought it would be fun/interesting to show you how I celebrate Christmas. I have a very very big Family so unfortunately we can't all celebrate Christmas together, unless we were to rent a place. So I celebrate Christmas with my parents and yesterday I had Christmas lunch with 2 of my cousins and their men and one of my uncles and his wife. The Whole Family does get together in december to wish eachother a merry Christmas, we get to use the place where my mother Works for that.

Late breakfast at my parents summer vacation home, not a very traditional Christmas breakfast, but it was what I felt like having,
My cat always keeps close whenever someone is eating, even though he does not care for what's on my plate, he still wants it.
We kept lunch quite light, I had a Morrocan Salad with cous cous and chicken (not very traditional either) My parents had "rugbrød" wich is a dark bread made from rye, very typical for us in Scandinavia, we pretty much eat this every day.

Our tiny Christmas tree. We used to get a bigger tree when I was a child, but since it's just the 3 of us, a small tree is just as good.

I always place the presents under the tree, here are the gifts that I bought for my parents.

A traditional Christmas decoration and a Little selection of nuts. Wich is a traditional snack at our place.
While the Duck is roasting on the barbecue (we decided to grill it this year, but normally we just roast it in the oven) I watched the Disney Christmas special. That's a tradition at our house, and we all Watch it together.

The delicious duck. My parents always just make duck, wich is my favorite, but most people also have pork roast, with the crispy rind on it. Some even have Christmas ham or goose. I always get to eat the Heart once the duck is cooked, my dad eats the liver ( I hate liver) This year we got a freaky duck with 2 Hearts haha, Yum Yum. I actually really like the idea of nothing from the animal going to waist. If we are killing animals to eat, we should it eat it all, just my Humble opinion. I don't approve of killing animals if we don't use every last bit of that animal, sorry... rant.

 The Christmas dinner table.

We had duck, White potato, Brown potatoes (White potatoes with a caramel glaze) Red cabbage, sauce made from the duck and crisps. It was sooo good, I love to eat the stuffing in the duck (prunes and apples)

My parents had red wine and I had pear cider, I'm not much of a wine person.

For dessert we had, Ris alamande. Very traditional Danish Christmas dessert. It's made of rice, almonds, whipped cream, Vanilla, sugar and almond essence. We have it with cherry sauce. In this bowl is one Whole almond that has not been chopped. Whoever gets the almond wins a present.

My dad got the almond present.But he gave it to me, It was a gift certificate to the Cinema for one movie with popcorn and a soda.
After the meal, we do the dishes, then my mother reads from the bible before we dance around the tree. The reading from the bible is a tradition from her chidhood home. I'm not religious at all so I don't think I'm going to pass that tradition on.
The last song is an upbeat song that we sing while dancing/running from room to room, it often ends in a lot of laughter and side pains from eating too much and running and laughing.
After that it's time for the presents. I usually hand them out, and we take turns to unwrap and watching the others unwrap their presents.
After that we chill... We watched a movie that my dad gave my mom and then we went to bed.
The end, hehe


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