Thursday, December 11, 2014

My nail polish collection

I thought it was about time for another Collection post. I do not make these, to brag. But rather to air my dirty laundry, I'm a bit of a makeup hoarder and I need to clean up my Collection. So these posts, do not only give you an idea of what I have, but it also helps me to see what I have, what I like or dislike and give me an idea of how what I need to stop buying and such.

For a person who does not really wear nail polish more than a few times a month, I really have too many. So let's see what I have, what I use, and what I need to get rid off.

My Gosh nail polishes: I bought 2 of these last year, 1 was a gift with purchase and the rest I have had for a few years. They are all still good and it's some of my favorite polishes. I have never even opened the green one, so that will go into a giveaway.

My ELF polishes: I used to have a lot of these, but I have gotten rid of quite a few. I don't really buy ELF polishes anymore, I find that there are better brands that are just as affordable now. These Shades I kept are some of my favorites and I use them often.

My Etude House polishes: I bought these in a set, they make the cutest ombre look together and I have used them quite a few times. I'm a sucker for purple.

Various Dansih brands: 2 of these I got as a gift and 2 of them I bought myself. I don't really use these at all. I should get rid of them, I don't really care for green nail polish, so I have no idea why I always get green polish hehe.

My Essence nail polishes: I love my Essence nail polishes, I actually thought I had more of them. I bought all these myself and I'm pretty happy with them all. So I'm keeping those.

My LA Colors nail polish: I bought these from cherryculture, back when cherryculture was a fun place to shop. I love the colors but they do chip a LOT. So I should probably get rid of at least one of them.

My Depend polishes; I used to have a tonne of these when I was younger. Depend was a "thing" in my teens. Everyone had them, they were cheap and small and came in hundreds of colors. They are nice enough but I never get them anymore. The pink one was a gift and the magnetic one I bought myself. I love the magnetic one.

Some minies: Wow I actually only bought one of these myself, the reast was gifts or items from subscription boxes. I do like these a lot.

 My newest nail polishes, I got these 2 with my latest Boots order. I love the Bourjois one a lot, the color is right up my alley. The Rimmel one I will not open, I will be adding it to my giveaway pile, I donn't really wear red nail polish.

Phew.. That was a lot of nail polish. Apparently most of them have been gifts from friends and Family. That makes me feel a Little bit better, knowing that I have not gone out and bought all these myself and that I actually enjoy most of the ones I did buy myself. I think I've learned that I like glitters, nudes and purples and I don't like reds and greens. I've been really good, and I have not bought a single nail polish for about a year I think (maybe one but I can't really remember) The newest ones were gifts with purchase. So at least I've learned to to spend my Money on something I rarely use. I just need to get rid of a few odd colors and I'm good.


  1. have a huge collection...xoxoxo.......:)

    1. Considering I don't Wear all that much nail polish, it's way too many. But some of them are several years old, so I guess it could be worse.


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