Saturday, December 27, 2014

My Yves Rocher Collection

As some of you may already know, I have been chosen by Yves Rocher to work with them. They chose 50 bloggers out of 3000 applicants. So I'm really happy to be one of those. It Means a lot to me that a big Company like Yves Rocher, think that my blog is good enough for them to work with. I'm not getting payed, but they will be sending me products to review every other months. And I will make sure to let you know what I bought myself and what they sent me.

I thought it could be interesting to show my Yves Rocher Collection. I payed for all these items myself. I have also tried and loved their mascaras and their pure skin line and lots more, but this is what I have right now. This post was supposed to go up before I got my press samples, but Yves Rocher were so fast, that I have already recieved them. I'm only including products that I have purchased myself in this post though!

Monoï perfume and body oil: I use these 2 products in the summer I love the scent and the sparkling body oil looks great with a tan.

Self tanner gel, face and body: This is my favorite self tanner. It's tinted so I can see where I have Applied it and it gives a lovely non-orange tan.

Nutritive moisture mask: I have not used this much, as I have oily skin, but it has been getting a lot dryer lately so I need to give it a go.

Sebo vegetal Micellar Water: A part of my daily routine, It gets rid of all the dirt and makeup that my makeup remover misses.

Sebo vegetal gel cleanser: I use this to remove makeup, it's light and cooling on the skin, and it does not irritate my skin. Also a part of my daily routine.

Hydra vegetal moisture serum: I have just added this to my daily routine as my skin has gotten a bit dry. It's a lovely serum.

So elixir purple perfume: My everyday perfume. I haven't tried many of the Yves Rocher perfume but this one is a winnner.

Pure camille cream: this I havent used yet so the verdict is out on it.

Organics lip balm: have not used this yet either.

Vitamin mist: this smells nice. I don't use this every day. It's placed on my makeup "station" I use it if I have overpowdered to take away the powdery look and to refresh my face every now and then, not a must have product for me.

Elixir 7-9 sample: have not tried this yet.

Cure solutions cream sample: this used to be my favorite winterr cream, but it's not available anymore. Such a shame. I loved this stuff. I'm just hanging on to the sample in case it ever comes back.

So that's my current Collection. I have a lot of favorites and a few products I don't like. I recently tried a detoxifying toner from them that broke me out, so that's a no no product for me.


  1. That vitamin mist sounds nice :)
    YR has a much smaller market share here then Oriflame or Avon.

    1. I don't think we even have Avon in Denmark. I think Oriflame and YR are pretty much 50/50 here in Denmark.


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