Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Rimmel Keep calm, lip balm review

I got these 3 Rimmel lip balms from Boots international webpage during the black Friday sales. Boots had 3 for 2 on Rimmel products so I decided to order these lip balms, as I've been seeing them pop up a few Places and thought they looked cute.
Price: £2,99 or a little under 30Dkk or just about 5$ I got 3 for 2. I believe that deal is still going on as I write this post.
Packaging: I have to admit that it was the packaging that lured me in. I mean look at those fun bright colors! Its your standard lip balm packaging. The tube is a little taller than Maybelline baby lips, but feels lighter. I do think the packaging looks really nice and the lid Closes really well, so you won't have any troubles throwing it in your handbag. However after using these for a Little bit, I've noticed some cracking in the clear plastic lid right around the closure. I'm not sure if this will eventually become an issue.
You get 3,8 grams of product, so a Little less product, compared to the 4,4 grams you get in a baby lips and the 4,8 grams you get in a regular Labello lip balm.

There are 4 colors and 1 clear balm to choose from. As far as I can tell they all have the same scent. I would describe the scent as a sweet rosey scent. Not your typical fruity lip balm scent. I didn't think I would like it, but I actually think it's quite pleasant. But if you are not into rosey scents on the lips, then this is not for you.
Now lets talk about the colors. For some reason, every color has 2 names Keep calm and kiss is also called: pink blush. Keep calm and party is named: Violet blush and Keep calm and rock is also called: berry blush. These shade names can be found on the bottom of the tube. A Little overkill in my opinion.
These balms have a slight tint to them, wich may not be enough for some. But I actually like that these are sheer. You can still tell the difference when you apply them to the lips. For me this just Means that I don't need a mirror to apply and that I can smear as much on my lips as I want without looking too much like a clown. Keep calm and kiss has to be the sheerest of the ones I have, it's almost not showing up on my lips and my lips are not very pigmented. My favorite has to be Keep calm and party, it's just a nice wash of berry to the lips.

Keep calm and rock, Keep calm and party, Keep calm and kiss.
When it comes to hydration, these just don't do it for me. Everybody has different lips so this is just my experience. I don't find them very hydrating at all. They do feel nice and light wheight on the lips but I prefer something with a richer texture when it comes to balms. These are not as slippery as Maybelline baby lips and just a little less hydrating for me. These would not be able to replace my regular chapstick or lip balm.
I would not want to use this all day long (as I have been doing while trying them out) I found them to actually make my lips feel like they needed some care by the end of the day. You know how your hands get when they have been exposed to Water for too long? my lips does that with these balms when I Wear them too much. So I will only Wear these for the color and the scent and not as an actual care product.

I can't say that I think you should run out and get them. They may be cheap but I still expected more. They are not all that hydrating so do not buy them expecting to get an amazing lip care product. The colors are sheer, so don't expect vivid pops of color.
Honestly I'd say get them for the packaging and the rose scent, if that's your thing. But this is by no Means a must have item. Don't do like me and get 3 just because... start with 1 and see if you like them or not. Honestly I would not repurchase these.


  1. Such an honest review. I totally agree that one should get 1 first.....xoxoxo.....:)

  2. Thanks. Honesty is really important to me when doing reviews. I really wanted to like these soo much though. Just didn't happen.


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