Saturday, December 27, 2014

The presents I gave this christmas!

Here is a Little overview of the presents I gave this Christmas. My budget was not as big this year as I am currently unemployed, but I tried to make the most of what I had. My parents and my boyfriend were thrilled with their gifts. If I could afford it, I would give them the World. 

I gave my mother this gift set from No 7. It cotains a cleanser, shine balm, overnight eye balm, peeling, day and night cream. My mom loves skincare so she was excited to try this.

I also gave her a new mascara, I gave her a travel size ones, and she really liked it. So I got her a full size limited edition of it. And she also got a perfume. I have this perfume as well, and every time I Wear it, she complements me on it. So I thought she could use it as well. She put it on right after she got it. hehe.

My dad got a perfume and a shower gel. I love this scent, and I knew he would too. It's not too strong or in your face. I hate those Mens colognes that smell like alcohol and crazy strong perfume. He also got a Gilette pro-fusion glide razor and shaving gel set. That razor is top notch. I got to have a look at it (did not use it, ew) And this feels really high quality, an my dad really liked it.

This does may not look like much, but perfume is not cheap hehe.
I'm going to do a sepperate post on what I got for my boyfriend. It was soo funny.


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