Saturday, December 27, 2014

What I got my boyfriend for christmas.

I got my boyfriend a "zombie survival kit" I was inspired by the monthly subscription boxes that we ladies enjoy. My boyfriend often told me that he wished that Guys could have stuff like that as well. So I decided to make him his very own and very limited edition box. Complete with products and product descriptions.
each product had their own description, zombie related ofcourse. And I made it out to look like a government issued zombie survival box. Some of the descriptions are hilarious if I do say so myself. Here is what the product Card said:
Zombie survival box!

It's easy to make a bit of a mess, when fighting zombies. To prevent further contamination,
and spreading of this deadly disease, you have been chosen to recieve this State issued Zombie survival box. In it you will find everything you need for decontamination and for just looking extra awesome while kicking Z butt!!

Rexona deo spray:
Just because everyone else around you smell like rotten flesh, doesn't mean you have to! A few sprays of this and your armpits will smell fresh and clean, and people will have an easier time telling you apart from the zombies, we wouldn't want you to get shot now would we?

Nivea men, Shower gel, for body, face and hair:
It's the apocalypse for crying out loud! Nobody has time or space to use 3 different things when you can use this awesome 3 in 1 product. Guaranteed to wash away any stubborn brain matter or blood spatter.

Apotekets heel cream:
Let's face it, you do a lot of running now that the world has gone down the shitter. You are going to need something to take care of those cracked heels!

Yves Rocher, exfoliating face wash:
Great for scrubbing off that dirt and arterial spray on your face. As an added bonus it also removes dead skin – mostly your own dead skin. There is enough dead things out there! and you still want to look sharp for that occasional busty female survivor (really... they do exist).

Nivea moisture cream, face, body, hands:
You might say ”cream! No way! That stuff is for ladies!” and you would be very wrong Sir! It's a known fact that moisturizers make the skin more elastic wich gives you an added benefit in close combat with the undead. Moisturizer is the perrfect Zombie repellent, as their bite is less likely to break the skin when it's moist and elastic. There is also the odd chance that you will be so slippery the Z teeth will just glide right off!

Yves Rocher shampoo:
When nothing else will get the brain matter out of your hair, this is your go to ”guy” And it will leave your hair sqeeky clean. And the survivor ladies will digg the manly scent!
Neutral face cream:
Just because the world has gone to shit, doesn't mean your face has to, remember what we said earlier about moisturizer!

Lastly we added a few small survival items, that we thought may come in handy. We wish you good luck, it's every man for himself out there! And you'll be one good lookin' macho man-smelling son of a gun!
Pretty funny stuff if I do say so myself. And the important part - he really thought it was funny. And he was very happy about his gift. I'm kinda proud of this one hehe.


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