Monday, December 29, 2014

Yves Rocher redberries & blackberries LE hand cream - review

I recently recieved the Blackberries hand cream for review purposes and has since purchased the redberries myself. I have been using these ever since I got them, and it's time to let you Guys know what I think of them.

Yves Rocher is available in 90 different countries, I'm linking to the Danish side, prices may differ from country to country.

Price: 20DKK (about £2) here and here Right now they are on sale for 15DKK ( about 1,50£)

Packaging: I adore the packaging, I'm a sucker for hand cream for some reason and I really think that this packaging looks really good for such an affordable product. I love the gold details and the elegant design. You get 75ml or about 2,5 fl. oz.

These hand creams have a very light texture and Begins to melt upon skin contact. They are quite liquidy and give your hands a light refreshing moisturised feeling. These are not thick rich hand creams, so if you have really rough and dry skin, you may need something else.

These soak into the skin nicely and does not leave your hands greasy or sticky, wich is something that's important to me. So I really enjoy that. I don't have extremely dry hands, so these are great for everyday use for me. But if I do find myself with really dry hands, I reach for something else, as these won't cut it for that.

These do have quite a bit of scent to them, I personally prefer the red berries scent as the Black berries scent is a bit more perfumey. So if you are sensitive to scent, or don't want scents in your skin and body care, then this may not be for you. I personally don't mind a bit of scent, and I do have other hand creams without scent that I use on days where I am a Little scent-sitive (hehe)

Redberries: A lovely sweet red berry scent, remind me of forest fruit tea. I quite enjoy this scent

Blackberries: A bit perumey and a Little heavier scented than red berries. But you can definately smell the Black berry scent in this. It's a lovely adult take on fruity scents.

I really enjoy using these for everyday use, as I don't need too much hydration and I hate greasy hands. Is this the best hand cream in the World? no. But I do feel it's a really great hand cream for such an affordable Price.

These are limited edition so if you want them, don't take too long. I don't think I will be getting the blackberries one Again, if it becomes available next year, just because I like the redberries scent more and I really don't need this much hand cream #hand creamaholic.


  1. I have the blackberry one and i love it. It is indeed not a very rich one but its a perfect one for on the go or for at work where i need something which wont leave my hands fatty. I really like the scent as well.

    1. I do like a good rich hand cream, but mostly for night time use. So yeah this is a great daytime hand cream. I hate greasy hands as well.


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