Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015 New years resolutions - blogger and beauty related

Hey Guys. I wasn't going to be doing a post like this. But I've found myself thinking a lot about, what I wanted to improve in 2015 (blogger and beauty wise) So I thought I would do it anyways.

1. Better quality Photos! Definately... My dad is working on a lightbox right now, so hopefully that will help me through this Winter. Also I want to get a better camera, no more smartphone Pictures for me...

2. Investing in some makeup brushes. I've pretty much just stuck to my elf and eco tools for years now. I want to branch out and try some real techniques and Sigma brushes perhaps. So I'm hoping I'll get that done this year.

3. Getting crafty: I want to do more crafty posts, like my DIY lip palette and such. I want to make sure that I find a way to use everything I have, even if it's a color or a texture that I dont like... I want to make it Work for me...

4. Being better with my purchases. Only getting what I truly want to try, and what I feel you Guys would be interested in. Instead of going for the crazy sales and bargains with products I may not ever use anyways. In the end, all the sales and deals add up to a lot of Money spent anyways.

5. US drugstore haul. I did one last year. And I want to do one Again. I'm thinking this will be a once a year thing for me. So around spring or summer I will be doing that Again.

6. growing my blog. I don't mean in the sense of getting milions of followers. Actually I don't care about the number of followers at all. What I care about is active followers, readers that will comment on my posts, share their knowledge and ideas and such. You guys are the Whole reason I blog. I love getting a comment on a post and I love to hear your opinions on everything.

7. Giveaways. I want to do a big giveaway some time this year. I'm currently adding stuff to the giveaway pile. I do have a giveaway going on, on my facebook page right now, if anyone is interested in winning a Gosh crazy volume mascara.

I think that's all my hopes and plans for my blog for 2015. What are your beauty/blog plans for this year? I would love to know.


  1. great resolutions, looks like 2015 is going to be great for you :)
    I dont really have any resolutions, just want to do whatever I want this year ):
    I like your blog lets follow eachother! just let me know if you like my blog too and I will follow back :)

    - www.angelaah91.blogspot.nl

    1. I did that last year, it got a bit out of control haha. Just took a look at your blog. You've got some great outfits and some lovely Photos. Consider yourself followed.

  2. Great post. If you're looking for good quality brushes, I definitely recommend Illamasqua or Japonesque. I always find brushes are an investment product and if you look after them they can last years. My MAC brushes have lasted me ages and i've been using them nearly every day. When I first started blogging I always used the camera on my phone until I realized that I could get better photos using my camera. The colors stand out a lot better. x

    1. Thanks for the brush recommendations, are there any particular brushes from these brand that you recommend? I already know what Sigma and Real techniques brushes I want, but it's always nice with other options. I actually think I'm doing ok considering I'm using a camera phone and my window as lighting. I do need to up my photography game though.


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